Support the Friends of the Cleveland Kennel: Badges for Bullies Event

Support for Friends of the Cleveland Kennel and the 27 dogs rescued from a local dog fighting ring:

Do you own or work at a business/restaurant/store/leisure spot and can assist the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association with a donation for Badges for Bullies on April 14th? How about a worthy cause and fun evening to volunteer your time? We are seeking items for our raffle as well as food trays for our many expected guests. Don’t think dog fighting affects you? GUESS AGAIN! Many pets are snatched from yards and used as bait in this horrific crime. Let’s help these poor pooches and send a clear message: ZERO TOLERANCE for DOG FIGHTING in Ohio.

UPDATE: Steelyard Commons Female Charged With Falsification and Making False Alarms

In regards to the March 30, 2012 Alleged Kidnapping/Robbery report said to have occurred at Steelyard Commons, the female making the accusations admitted to Second District Detectives that her story was, in fact, FALSE.  This female, Tabitha Bozman, 23, of Cleveland, was charged with Falsifiation and Making False Alarms in Cleveland Municipal Court.  She is scheduled to appear in court on April 17, 2012.