Opening Day with the Mounted Unit and the Budweiser Clydesdales

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Opening Day with the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit 

So, we realize we’ve been on a bit of a Mounted Unit kick lately, but we couldn’t pass this post up.  We wanted to bring you a unique Cleveland Police perspective for Opening Day this year, and it turns out, we probably had as much fun as the Cleveland Indians fans we met celebrating on the street!  

We (your lovely blog writers, tweeters, and Facebook posters) met up with the Sgt. Medwid, P.O. Cortez, and P.O. Herron at the stables this morning to catch a glimpse of their preparations.  In addition to all the logistics of where to be when, what radio channels to use, where to park, and what their duties were, the officers were busy readying their horses and helping the Budweiser Clydesdales prepare for their big showing at Progressive Field.  Brushing, cleaning, checking hooves, saddling up, and more!  Once everyone, and every horse, was ready we loaded up and made our way towards E. 9th to deploy.  Even before we finished parking, folks were excited to see us…well, they were probably more excited to see Cruz, Dak, and Jack than us, but just indulge us for this one post.  Our officers paired up: Sgt. Medwid with Cruz, P.O. Cortez with Dak, and P.O. Herron with Jack.  They started off, making their way into the midst of E. 9th Street traffic, rising above the cars, and looking majestic.  It is easy to tell that these beautiful horses are strong, proud, trained, and smart.  They are so much more than just good PR, and it was evident as we worked to keep up with them.  They can go where Police cars can’t, they can move faster than an officer on foot, and they can see over the crowd and be seen in a crowd.  They can help get to someone in need, deter criminal activity, and work to control crowds.  Did you know they’ve even broken up fights brewing?!  One group of hotheads in the Warehouse District even stuck around to pet the horses.  Crises averted- no one hurt, no one arrested, everyone having a good time.  

Anyway, back to Opening Day!  We tagged along (on the sidewalk of course) snapping pictures, attempting amateur video, and greeting both Cleveland Indians fans, and yes, Cleveland Police fans!   It wasn’t exactly warm but the sun was shining and Cleveland was alive with everything a big city should be.  When we made it to the staging location near the parking lot next to the Thirsty Parrot, fans went out of their way to come say hello.  The horses and the officers remained serious about their police duties while indulging us and all the fans with pictures and fun.  Tailgaters paused games of Cornhole and families stopped to pet the horses and introduce their children to the Cleveland Police.  We had to leave before their tour of duty was up so we could get back to keeping you informed but we’re confident in saying that Opening Day, and every day that they are deployed, the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit will be poised and ready to protect and serve our great city.   

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