A happy city is a healthy city is a safer city…and we’re onboard with all three.


Some of you may be wondering why the Cleveland Division of Police rallies around #SoMeT12 voting, @WallyWaterDrop’s PUP initiative, or @GCRTA’s rock stars driving trolleys for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s Induction Week.  As far as we’re concerned, we’d be rallying around everything Cleveland and beyond if there were enough hours in the day.  You see, we believe that a happy city is a healthy city and that translates to a safer, more engaged, and proud people who want to make their castle much bigger than their own home.  So, if we can be a part of improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods by retweeting a “Pick Up Poop” message from NEORSD, leading a community in search of a lost dog or in a vote to bring tourism here, or even just helping to engage folks in thinking positively about this great city that we live in, then we will, because it does make a difference.  So join us, follow us, like us…help us to help you…and we’ll do our best to keep it coming and give you the protection and service that you deserve.