Officer Involved Shooting: Officer Goes Home Safe, Suspect In Custody. Great Job D5

Officer Involved Shooting: Officer Goes Home Safe, Suspect In Custody.  Great Job D5

At approximately 2:57 hours, Fifth District Zone Cars received a radio assignment for a male beating a female inside of a vehicle and that the male had a gun, further information followed as shots fired outside of a home.  A one man car was first on scene, approached the female victim and a male who began walking away from him, this officer told the male to stop, the male began to run across the street and behind a house where he reached for his waistband area and the officer observed a handgun in the male’s hand.  The officer fired two shots, did not strike the male who continued to flee and was apprehended on the next street.  A handgun was also recovered.

The Female victim and witnesses stated that the suspect had fired at least three shots; Female victim is suspect’s girlfriend and was in the vehicle with the suspect; she was struck by suspect in the face repeatedly with the handgun; she was treated at MetroHealth Medical Center for injuries to her face.

The suspect remains in custody awaiting charges including Felonious Assault, Domestic Violence and Felonious Assault on a Police Officer.