Police Asking For the Public’s Help In Identifying Man who Attempted to Abduct 12 Year Old Girl

On May 30, 2012 at 7:40am on West 154th street, north of Puritas Av,  the suspect followed the victim off of the RTA train as she was walking south on West 154th street from the rapid station.  The suspect grabbed the victim by the left arm, the victim pulled free, then started to flee and the suspect grabbed her by the arm again and pushed her up against a fence and tried to push her into a shrub.  A passerby (unidentified) yelled at them and the suspect let the victim go.  The suspect fled back toward the RTA Station and the victim fled in the other direction.  Suspect is described as a black male, late 20’s-30’s, glasses, approximately 5’8″ tall, over 220lbs, medium complexion, clean shaven, and what appears to be a receding hairline.  He was wearing a royal or medium blue shirt and dark pants on the day of this incident.


Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Detective Joyce of the First District Detective Bureau by phoning 216.623.2507. Anonymous information can be given to Crime Stoppers by calling 216.252.7463 or text messaging.  Text TIP657 plus your message to Crimes (274637).      

Littering Citation Offers Lessons for All

Today in Cleveland Municipal Court, the City Prosecutor moved to nolle, or dismiss, the littering citation issued to John Davis for allegedly tossing money out of his car window to a homeless man.  Now that the court proceedings are complete, we want to set the record straight.

  1. In the City of Cleveland, it is illegal to ask for money from the side of the roadway and it is also illegal to GIVE money from your vehicle to someone soliciting funds.
  2. When people ask for, or solicit, money from the roadway they place themselves and others in harm’s way.  If you take a close look at this photo, the man pictured is very close toI90 & W117 the edge of the curb.  If he rolls his wheelchair less than a foot, he would topple right INTO the off-ramp of I-90.  Traffic can, and does, become a major issue as each person stopping to hand this man money is, in fact, IMPEDING the FLOW of traffic.  This causes traffic to back up (which, let’s face it, can make for some serious road rage) and increases the likelihood of accidents.
  3. A number of  individuals who are homeless suffer from mental health issues and/or substance abuse problems.  Oftentimes, well-intended contributions made directly to individuals are spent on drugs or alcohol.  Therefore, it is the recommendation of the Cleveland Division of Police that any charitable contributions be made to an accredited advocacy program, of which there are many.  Funds collected by the advocacy groups are spent on healthcare, food and shelter for the homeless.

As always, the primary concern of the Cleveland Division of Police is the safety of the public we serve.  Let’s all take this opportunity to to learn from what happened and to make Cleveland a better place where we can truly help those in need and keep each other safe.

Littering Citation to be Contested in Court

We have received a number of inquiries regarding the man who received a littering citation for allegedly throwing money at a panhandler at the W 117 Street exit ramp of I-90. Although we certainly understand the confusion regarding this situation, it is important to understand that the media and social media discussions primarily represent only the statement of the individual who received the citation. He will have an opportunity to contest the citation in court and the officer will be required to justify the citation.

The City of Cleveland and the Department of Public Safety have a well-defined process for citizens to file complaints against officers. The process can be initiated online at http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/ops, at the Office of Professional Standards at 205 W St. Clair Avenue, or in person at any Cleveland police facility. All complaints to the Office of Professional Standards are thoroughly investigated and presented to the Civilian Police Review Board for review. If appropriate, the Board will issue a recommendation to the Chief of Police for corrective action.

At this time no complaint has been received by the Office of Professional Standards. However, due to public interest regarding this particular case, the outcome of any court disposition or any action recommended by the Civilian Police Review Board will be publicly disclosed by the Chief of Police via http://www.clepolice.wordpress.com and/or http://www.facebook.com/ClevelandPoliceDept.

Cleveland Division of Police Property Auction


The Cleveland Division of Police will hold a property auction on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 9am. Items to be auctioned include electronics, TVs, computers,bikes, lawn equipment and jewelry. Join us at 2200 West 3rd street. Doors open promptly at 9am for the regular auction and a jewelry preview will be held at 8:30 am.


Proceeds from the auction will go to the Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

National Missing Children’s Day 2012

Summer is upon us in the City of Cleveland.  As we look forward to attending festivals and gatherings, we need to take into consideration some safety precautions when it comes to our kids.  Summer festivities draw large crowds, which can be intimidating to small children.  Within seconds and without warning, you can lose sight of your child.  In the spirit of National Missing Children’s Day 2012, we urge parents to:

Hold your child’s hand, keep an eye on him or her at all times.

Keep babies and toddlers in a stroller; they are contained and easy to keep track of.

For older children, designate a meeting place should you become separated.

If you are bringing along children who are not your own, consider writing your phone number on their hand or arm, or place a piece of paper with your phone number on it in their pocket should they become separated from you.

Encourage children to approach a police officer or a person in uniform for help if they are lost.

When we take the time to prepare, we lessen the likelihood of a child becoming missing.