Littering Citation to be Contested in Court

We have received a number of inquiries regarding the man who received a littering citation for allegedly throwing money at a panhandler at the W 117 Street exit ramp of I-90. Although we certainly understand the confusion regarding this situation, it is important to understand that the media and social media discussions primarily represent only the statement of the individual who received the citation. He will have an opportunity to contest the citation in court and the officer will be required to justify the citation.

The City of Cleveland and the Department of Public Safety have a well-defined process for citizens to file complaints against officers. The process can be initiated online at, at the Office of Professional Standards at 205 W St. Clair Avenue, or in person at any Cleveland police facility. All complaints to the Office of Professional Standards are thoroughly investigated and presented to the Civilian Police Review Board for review. If appropriate, the Board will issue a recommendation to the Chief of Police for corrective action.

At this time no complaint has been received by the Office of Professional Standards. However, due to public interest regarding this particular case, the outcome of any court disposition or any action recommended by the Civilian Police Review Board will be publicly disclosed by the Chief of Police via and/or