Marines and Baseball and the Casino…OH MY!

Marine Week 2012 is set to invade the City of Cleveland the week of June 11-17th.  Large crowds are expected downtown as people come to see the Marines in action and view the many displays around the area.   Add to that the excitement of our brand new Horseshoe Casino and the pride of the CLE, our Cleveland Indians, and you get…a LOT of people downtown.

With some consideration and planning, we can work together to alleviate the headaches that come with traffic jams.  Consider public transportation as an easy alternative to driving and parking your own vehicle.  Our partners at RTA have increased the accessibility of their services in response to Marine Week including the activation of the Waterfront Line for the entire week. 

Don’t be surprised, be prepared and be aware:

Public Square: The interior portion of Public Square will be closed for placement of the USMC’s static displays.  Traffic will be averted around the square with signs posted.   

When leaving downtown, consider alternate routes.  Add a few miles and save a few minutes by going around or away from the congested roads.  Try to avoid Ontario and East 9th Street.  Suggested alternatives:

WEST-SIDERS: Take Superior westbound to West 25th Street (Detroit Superior bridge), go south to access I-71or I-90.

EAST-SIDERS: Take Superior eastbound to East 26th Street to access I-71 or I-90.