Muni Lot

Here we go Brownies, HERE WE GO!

Football season is upon us and C-Town is ready to step up and get behind our Browns.  Some fans seem to have noticed that these signs (shown here in the photo) are posted around Cleveland’s  tailgating headquarters, the Muni Lot.  Signs like these have always been posted in the lot.  Contrary to popular belief, it has never been legal to consume alcohol in the Muni Lot, just as it is not legal to consume alcohol on city streets, so the laws haven’t changed at all.  Individuals have been cited and arrested in the past for alcohol related violations and the Division of Police will continue to enforce these ordinances.

Laws pertaining to consumption of alcohol, such as Open Container and Public Intoxication, can and will be enforced just as they always have been.  The signs were reworded and posted as a reminder to tailgaters of these ordinances.

Tonight, as we kickoff football (pre)season here in Cleveland, fans are reminded to enjoy the game responsibly.  Those who intend to consume adult beverages during the game are encouraged to appoint a designated driver or use public transportation.  Have fun, be safe and GO BROWNS!