Inoperable Traffic Signals Should be Treated as a Four Way Stop

Large scale storms, like the one our community is experiencing now, bring rain, high winds and blowing debris.  High winds have an extreme effect on our traffic patterns and flow in that they cause power lines to disconnect or fall and traffic signals can become inoperable.  Over the last 24 hours, Cleveland Police Officers have responded to over 1,400 calls for service, many of which were in regards to downed power lines and inoperable traffic signals.

When driving, if you should come upon an inoperable traffic signal at an intersection, treat it as a four-way stop.  This means that each driver at each point in the intersection should approach the signal as if it were a stop sign and take turns proceeding through the intersection.   Drivers should take turns in a clockwise manner, yielding to the driver to their right.

 Major intersections can quickly become congested, and although officers and traffic controllers are being deployed to direct traffic and alleviate the flow, prior to their arrival it is imperative that all drivers follow the traffic laws and remain courteous to one another.  When drivers become impatient or stop within the boundaries of the intersection, roads can quickly become gridlocked.

Policing is a partnership.  Stay aware and stay involved.