Cleveland is looking for experienced police officers

This week, the City of Cleveland Civil Service Commission approved a request by Safety Director Martin L. Flask to change the hiring policies that will authorize the Cleveland Division of Police to accept lateral transfers. The change will allow Chief of Police Michael McGrath, at the direction of Mayor Frank G. Jackson, to increase the number of police officers to 1,514 sending a clear message that guns, violence and criminal activity are not acceptable on the streets of Cleveland.

Beginning December 10th, OPOTC (Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission) certified Police Officers with three years of full-time continuous police experience in Ohio within the last four years will be able to submit their applications to be considered for employment with the Cleveland Division of Police. The Civil Service Commission will create an eligibility list based on past experience, education and training.

Certified applicants will be required to complete a thorough background and interview, and a medical and psychological exam. The application filing period will end December 21st and it is expected that the hiring process will begin in January and the 25 new officers will hit the streets in May following an abbreviated eight-week Police Academy.

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