Cleveland Police, Citizens and Cleveland Fire Participate in Dramatic Ice Rescue

Today, Cleveland Division of Police Third District Officers responded to 601 Erieview for a person walking along the ice of lake Erie. The officers arrived and could see a female in the water beyond the ice with her face down. Two males were walking on the ice toward the victim. One of the males had with him a life ring. This male entered the water and pulled the female face up, at which point officers and the second male attempted to pull the two out of the water and onto the ice. Officers and the males were able to place the life ring around the female. Cleveland Fire along with Cleveland Police pulled the female from the water. The female was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center for medical evaluation. Both males involved in the rescue were transported to MetroHealth Medical Center for medical evaluation as well.

The preliminary investigation reveals that one of the witnesses stated that he was outside smoking when he heard a group of kids yelling and looked over to see victim’s head “bobbing in the water”. This male reports he then grabbed the life ring and went out to help the victim.

Victim did not provide the officers with any information and is listed in the report as “Jane Doe”.

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