Thanks from a Citizen:

This morning, a woman called Chief Michael McGrath’s office to give her thanks to Sergeant Robert Bartos for helping her son on Monday, May 20, 2013.  The woman was quite emotional in recounting this moving story.  She said that her son became extremely ill as he was driving to his home in Cleveland.  Her son had experienced internal bleeding which had caused his blood pressure to drop dramatically.  He stopped his vehicle and asked Sergeant Bartos for help.  The Sergeant called for EMS to assist and after they transported the man to the hospital, Sergeant Bartos called his mother to inform her of her son’s experience.  The woman caller said she was completely petrified and therefore became confused as to how to get to the hospital.  Sergeant Bartos, realizing she was frightened, provided her directions and then met with her and escorted her directly to the hospital.

The woman caller said “First and foremost, he saved my son’s life and secondly he helped me personally through probably the worst day of my life. Please acknowledge this gentleman for his professional and caring mannerism. I respect your Police force and have told my story to many on how this tragedy for my family had a happy ending because of Sergeant Bartos”.

Thank you to this citizen for taking the time to call in to thank one of our members.  And to Sergeant Bartos, Nice Job!