Rumor has it that the plot of Captain America: Winter Soldier has been leaked.  Sources tell us that Captain America is fighting his nemesis that is known for going about the City of Cleveland plotting ugly traffic snarls.  Captain America introduces his new front line of fighters as the men and women of the Cleveland Division of Police who use their super powers to redirect and organize the flow of traffic despite the villain’s attempts to cause chaos.  Admit it…we got you.  Following is an update related to rush hour and what you may have experienced during your morning commute.

Today’s delays were much less than those reported on Friday.  Many drivers seem to have planned for the delays and left earlier.  Traffic was moderate and steady by 6:00 am.  The detour route was staffed by 6:15 am.  At 6:15 am, the entire detour route could be driven in approximately 15 minutes at normal speeds.  Traffic became very heavy along detour routes but it did move steadily, slowing around West 38th Street, but continuing to move.  Past the Detroit Superior Bridge, the main issue causing delay is construction on West 9th Street.  At approximately 9:00 am, driving the entire east bound detour took approximately 25 minutes at normal speeds.

Officers appreciate your patience as we are doing our best to get commuters in and out of town.  Plan for delays and be aware of reroutes.  A complete list of road closures is available at

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