Pursuit Investigation Administrative Decisions Police Supervisors Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Straight from City Hall

On November 29, 2012, a high speed pursuit began in the City of Cleveland and ended in the City of East Cleveland. Immediately after the incident, a Critical Incident Administrative Review Committee was formed to conduct an administrative review of the pursuit. The Committee reviewed records, interviewed police supervisors and other police personnel and drove the pursuit route to determine if the pursuit followed the Division’s policy and procedures.

This administrative review is solely focused on those involved in the pursuit, and not those involved in the use of deadly force. The use of deadly force is currently under review by the County Prosecutor.

Upon completion of the Committee’s review, the results were forwarded to Police Chief Michael McGrath, who then determined that, based on the evidence gathered by the Committee, 12 police supervisors (1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant and 10 sergeants) involved in the pursuit should face administrative charges…

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