It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s…a…Skywatch!


Planning to head downtown tonight to enjoy the sounds of the Orchestra and some pre-holiday fun and fireworks? Well, you may see something else if you look up. Cleveland Police have recently acquired “Skywatch”. Skywatch is a surveillance tower which will be deployed during large scale events to assist with crowd monitoring.

The tower, which can be raised to a level of thirty feet, will support officers and allow for a clear vantage point for surveying and monitoring crowd activity. The tower is equipped with cameras, lights and a PA system. Officers in the tower will be in direct communication with those on the ground, engaging yet another layer of safety.

The Division of Police has a safety plan in place for each large scale event. We make good use of our specialized units during the activation of these plans. This includes Traffic officers to monitor and assist with the flow of traffic, the Canine Unit which conducts safety sweeps and our Mounted Unit which provides assistance with crowd issues, along with high visibility. Be assured that the Division of Police has your safety in mind at all times. We are here on the ground, in cars, on horseback and even in the sky!