One Arrest Made in Agg Murder Investigation, Second Suspect Still Sought:


One arrest has been made in the homicide of James D. Swindler III.

Jonathon Catron, black male age 24, was arrested today at approximately 11:00am 14500 block of Potomac Avenue in Cleveland without incident. Catron was arrested by members of the Violent Fugitive Task Force which includes detectives of the Cleveland Division of Police and members of the US Marshalls. Catron is currently being held in the Division’s Central Prison Unit awaiting charges.

Carvin Catron, black male age 22, is still wanted for Aggravated Murder. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Carvin Catron is asked to contact the Cleveland Division of Police Homicide Unit at 216-623-5464.

Patrol Officer Discipline – November 29th Pursuit

Patrol Officer Discipline – November 29th Pursuit

Immediately after the November 29th pursuit the Critical Incident Administrative Review Committee was formed to conduct an administrative review of the pursuit. The committee reviewed records, interviewed police supervisors, patrol officers and other police personnel and drove the pursuit route to determine if the pursuit followed the Division’s policy and procedures. Upon completion of the committee’s investigation the results were forwarded to the Chief of Police for review and in the spirit of transparency the findings were made public in a Power Point presentation and press conference held by the Division of Police. This administrative review was focused solely on those involved in the pursuit, and not those involved in the use of deadly force.

The evidence as presented by the committee in the case of the supervisors indicated that there were twelve police supervisors (1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant and 10 Sergeants) involved in administrative infractions related to the pursuit, which resulted in nine suspensions, two demotions and one termination.

On the evening of November 29, 2012, there were 277 police officers working in the City of Cleveland. The Critical Incident Administrative Review Committee reviewed the duty reports and automated vehicle locators of those officers and it was determined that 104 of the officers were involved in the pursuit in some capacity. Their investigative files were reviewed and it was determined that 75 of the officers involved would be facing some form of disciplinary charges concerning violations of the Division’s General Police Orders and Manuel of Rules and Regulations.

Once the pre-disciplinary hearings are completed, the Division of Police will review all of the facts and evidence and a determination will made regarding what, if any discipline should be imposed. Discipline could range from a written reprimand up to and including suspensions and terminations.

The use of deadly force remains under review by the County Prosecutor’s Office and once the review of the Use of Deadly Force is completed, the Division of Police will conduct an administrative review of the involved officers’ actions.

The administrative review process was thorough and the results are fair. Where the Division found policy and rule violations, we will hold officers accountable.

Incidents like the pursuit that occurred on November 29th affect our community as a whole, the officers involved and the entire Division of Police. The process of helping our community move forward has begun and this review helps us to continue on that path. The review process has been thorough and the results have been fair. Where we found policy and rule violations, we have and will continue to hold officers accountable. Where we found compliance, the officers should be commended for fulfilling their responsibilities, despite the intensity of the pursuit.