Put Your Junk in Your Trunk…and other words of wisdom from your friends at Cleveland Police:


Are you planning to come downtown this evening to see the Browns battle the Rams or the Indians smash Detroit? Well, we have some friendly reminders to help you avoid things that are less fun like filing a police report or getting your car out of impound.

1. Put Your Junk in Your Trunk. Thefts from motor vehicles are crimes of opportunity. Removing valuables from the passenger compartment where they can be easily seen by thieves greatly reduces your chances of becoming a victim of this type of crime.

2. Park Legally. That meter with the bag over it is not reserved especially for you. If the parking spot you find seems “too good to be true” it just may be. Few things can ruin an evening like returning to where your car should be and having a “dude, where’s my car?’ type of moment due to a parking violation.

3. If you choose to ignore #2, you may visit our brand new One Stop Impound Lot located at 3040 Quigly Road. Here you can pay parking and tow fees and regain possession of your vehicle all in one place. Tonight’s special event hours are 7pm until midnight.

4. Don’t Drink and Drive. We have room for you in the jail if you do. Designate a driver or take public transportation if you will be consuming alcohol at the game.

5. Tailgating? Please tailgate responsibly and obey laws and city ordinances.

Go Brownies! Go Tribe!