SWAT Unit Completes Tactical Rail Interdiction Training (Photos by Steve Gusky)

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SWAT Unit Completes Tactical Rail Interdiction Training (Photos by Steve Gusky)

In October of 2013, the Cleveland Division of Police SWAT Unit participated in a Tactical Rail Interdiction Training Course with the CSX Police Department Counter Terrorism Unit Rapid Response Team.  The course was also attended by partnering agencies including the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Westshore Enforcement Bureau, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Police Department and some suburban police departments.

The CSX Freight railroad system runs throughout Northeast Ohio and allows for regular transport of cargo, which can contain hazardous materials.  The railway also carries up to ten million passengers per year.

The CSX Police Rapid Response team trains experts in counter terrorism tactics including hazardous materials, nuclear materials, weapons of mass destruction, explosives, and counter surveillance.  The three day course provides officers with firsthand knowledge and hands on training to aid in responding to and handling a terrorism or domestic incident involving a train or rail cars.