Viral Photo: A Cleveland Police Officer’s Passion for Rescuing Dogs



Viral Photo:  A Cleveland Police Officer’s Passion for Rescuing Dogs

This photo shows Cleveland Police Patrol Officer John Lyons lying beside one of the many dogs he has rescued.  John works night shift in the Fourth District on Cleveland’s east side.  While on duty last week he found this sickly pregnant dog and brought her home to care for her.  She gave birth to a litter of puppies, which he and his wife are also caring for now!

This photo was taken by John’s wife and has since gone viral, attracting media and social media attention throughout the country and beyond.  To answer a couple of the many questions asked: mom and babies are doing well and all of the pups will be vetted and hopefully adopted out to qualified homes.  Anyone wishing to donate toward the care of mom and puppies can do so via the Westpark Animal Hospital, 4117 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44135.

This holiday season, if you wish to purchase a pet as a gift, please consider adopting a pet from a shelter or kennel in your area!  For information regarding pet adoption in the Cleveland area, please contact the Animal Protective League or the City of Cleveland’s Division of Animal Control, links below.