Fast Acting Off-Duty Cleveland Officer Brings Quick End to Kidnapping Incident:


Fast Acting Off-Duty Cleveland Officer Brings Quick End to Kidnapping Incident:

The Cleveland Division of Police Fourth District Detective Bureau is currently investigating a Robbery/Motor Vehicle/Kidnapping incident which occurred on Friday, December 06, 2013 at approximately 2:10pm.

The preliminary investigation reveals that a male driving a Chrysler 300 stopped at a convenience store on Woodland near Sophia.  The male exited the vehicle and entered the store, leaving an 8 year old boy in the vehicle.  A female then entered the vehicle and fled from the store.

The adult victim of the vehicle theft contacted police and dispatchers broadcast the information over police radio.  An alert off duty Cleveland Police officer working part time in the Fleet Avenue area heard the broadcast on his city issued portable radio (issued to all officers) and spotted the vehicle.  Off Duty Cleveland Patrol Officer Dylan Demas promptly followed the suspect vehicle in his personal vehicle and broadcast the vehicle’s location over police radio.  Fourth District officers were then able to locate the suspect vehicle and pursue it, at which point Officer Demas did disengage from the pursuit, allowing marked zone cars to take over.

The suspect vehicle was stopped in the area of Canal and Granger in Valley View.  The 8 year old boy was unharmed and reunited with his father.  The 28 year old female was placed under arrest.  The stolen vehicle did sustain some damage as the suspect struck guard rails and possibly other fixed objects.

A fine job by Patrol Officer Dylan Demas!  His quick and brave actions brought about a prompt end to a dangerous situation.  The public is reminded that it is never safe to leave a child unattended in a vehicle, especially if the vehicle is running.