Cleveland Division of Police Awards Ceremony

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The Medal of Heroism is awarded to police officers who demonstrate extraordinary bravery or act in an exemplary and extraordinary manner while at substantial risk of personal harm.

Rank/Badge Name Assignment Date of Incident
21 Henry Adkins District 1 1/20/2011
2066 Elaina   Ciacchi District   5 2/21/2013
2225 John   Graves District   2 5/11/2013
569 Carlos Guerra District 1 1/20/2011
1950 Joseph Gulas District 2 1/20/2011
1638 James Hummel District 2 1/20/2011
2216 David Kelly District 2 1/20/2011
1055 John Kubas District 2 1/20/2011
290 Michael   Schade District   2 5/11/2013
1062 Bonnie   Simmerly District   5 2/21/2013



The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to police officers who demonstrate a high degree of personal initiative, perform substantially beyond normal requirements in an exemplary manner, contribute significantly to the achievement of law enforcement goals or consistently perform at the highest levels of law enforcement excellence as indicated by a special faithfulness to duty.


                                         Rank/Badge Name Assignment Date of Incident
Tamica   Agnew Deputy   Sheriff


9913 Robert   Bartos Traffic   Enforcement


821 Nicole   Biggers Domestic   Violence Unit


1837 Lenard   Butler District   4


1600 Abraham   Cortes Mounted   Unit


2311 Samuel   Feldman District   4


2311 Samuel   Feldman District   4


267 Jeffrey   Frinzl District   3


432 David   Gibson Field   Operations


331 Michael   Glick District   1


97 Belal   Ilain District   4


60 Alfred   Johnson Gang   Impact


1368 Robert   Kowza District   4


9011 Keith   Larson Vehicle   Impound Unit


897 Daniel   Lentz District   1


1838 Martin   Lentz Bureau   of Communications


1748 Erik   Melendez District   4


2305 Darnell   McMullen District   4


2062 Thelemon   Powell District   4


2283 Carlos   Robles District   1


9911 Michael   Rybarczyk Traffic   Enforcement


1797 Vincent   Schneider District   3


508 Charles   Schultz District   3


1981 Todd   Staimpel District   1


1795 Pedro   Vargas District   4


2412 Kevin   Walker District   4


99 Marvin   Young District   4





The Police Star is awarded to those police officers wounded, seriously injured or killed in the performance of their duties while protecting life or property.

Rank/Badge Name Assignment Date of Incident
107 Anthony Sauto District 1




This Chief’s Commendation is presented to distinguished persons in recognition of their service to the Cleveland Division of Police and the citizens of the City of Cleveland.

Federal Bureau of   Investigation – Violent Crimes Task Force

Mr. Michael Young


The Citizen Award Plaque is awarded to civilians who distinguish themselves through the performance of a heroic act involving great personal risk.

Name Date of Incident Name Date of Incident
Brian   Asquith


Ian   Roberts


Roosevelt   Bishop


Kemmit   Scott


Marc   Dukles


Andrew   Sheehan


James   Dukles


Michael   Zadd


Tracey   Mechlin





The Citizen Award Pin is awarded to civilians who contribute significantly to the furtherance of law enforcement within the City of Cleveland.

Mrs. Stephanie   Lentz




By answering the call to duty in the United States Armed Forces these officers made personal and professional sacrifices, and overcame many burdens. They accepted the challenging responsibility of protecting the freedoms we oftentimes take for granted as a society. Their dedication is honorable and praiseworthy.

Rank/Badge Name Branch of Service
8482 Michael   Baker Navy
150 Patrick   Bishop Navy
9993 Keith   Campbell Coast   Guard
740 John   Cline Navy
345 Racso   Davis Army
2204 Jeffry   Grabski Army
9135 Teresa   Gomez Army
659 David   Hamilton Navy
1133 Michael   Herrin Air   Force
839 John   Hudelson Marines
172 Timothy   Kasler Army
897 Daniel   Lentz Marines
9120 Arthur   Littell Navy
1669 Todd   Marazzi Marines
1836 Gary   McClure Marines
9009 Mark   Medwid Air   Force
9036 Daniel   Miranda Navy
1100 Charles   Moore Air   Force
956 Raymond   O’Connor Navy
630 Andrew   Papaleo Navy
1397 Matthew   Payne Army
2041 Bruce   Peace Army
2077 Michael   Rasberry Marines
9080 Thomas   Rauscher Army
9116 Arneil   Rose Navy
9117 Dana   Saffo Navy
9085 Maria   Stacho Army   National Guard
1997 Chris   Tews Army
2057 Louis   Vertosnik Navy
1951 Jason   Warrington Marines

        Award Summaries 

 Officers Elaina Ciacchi and Bonnie Simmerly – Medal of Heroism

In the early morning of February 21, 2013, Officers Elaina Ciacchi and Bonnie Simmerly responded to a call to check on a suspicious vehicle.  As the officers approached the vehicle on foot, the male driver placed the vehicle in drive and fled the scene.  The officers walked back to their vehicle and proceeded to search the area for the suspicious auto.  While touring the area, they observed the vehicle’s taillights emanating through the tree line of a heavily wooded area, hanging over a hillside.  The officers approached the vehicle and smelled the odor of gasoline, and observed smoke and flames from underneath the vehicle’s engine area.  The officers used force to enter the vehicle through the rear window, and climbed into the vehicle which was now engulfed in flames.  The officers pulled the injured driver from the burning vehicle and carried him to safety just moments before the vehicle burst into flames.  The driver was transported to the hospital where he was treated for serious injuries.  The officers’ quick and brave actions, at great risk of personal harm, most certainly saved the man’s life.

Detective John Graves and Officer Michael Schade – Medal of Heroism

On May 11, 2013, Detective John Graves and Officer Michael Schade, both off-duty in their personal vehicles returning home with their families, observed traffic coming to a stop in front of him.  The officers observed a male sitting in the middle of the intersection holding a small child and yelling that he wanted to kill himself and his daughter.  The officers exited their vehicles to protect the male and child.  The officers were able to call for assistance, and remained in contact with the dispatcher giving responding officers updates of the male’s erratic behavior.  The male continued yelling that he and his family should “die” and then began walking towards moving traffic while squeezing the child tightly in his arms.  The male refused commands from the officers to release the child.   The officers were able to keep the male preoccupied as assisting officers arrived on the scene and approached the male from the rear.  Officer Schade and assisting officers grabbed the male as Detective Graves took the hysterical child from the male’s arms.  The child was returned unharmed to her mother.  It was later determined that the male was experiencing a psychotic episode after using a mind altering drug.  Further investigation also recovered two pounds of marijuana, handguns, and a shotgun from the male’s home.  The officers were able to de-escalate a life threatening situation involving a homicidal/suicidal male and saved the lives of two individuals.

Officer Anthony Sauto – Police Star

Officers Henry Adkins, Carlos Guerra, Joseph Gulas, James Hummel, David Kelly, John Kubas – Medal of Heroism

On January 20, 2011, Patrol Officers Anthony Sauto, Henry Adkins, Carlos Guerra, Joseph Gulas, James Hummel David Kelly, and John Kubas responded to a call for assistance by an on-duty police sergeant who was being shot at.  Receiving a description of the suspected shooter, the officers began searching the area on foot.  The suspect was observed fleeing the scene and jumping a fence into the backyard of a residence.  The officers observed the suspect with a handgun hanging on a string around his neck.  The officers provided cover with drawn firearms, while Officer Guerra deployed his Taser by firing it at the suspect, having no effect.  The suspect then suddenly dropped his hand, grabbed the handgun, and raised it.  The officers ordered the suspect to drop the handgun, at which point he started firing towards them.  The officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect.  Officer Sauto was struck one time in his left thigh by a suspect’s bullet, and the suspect succumbed to his injuries at the scene.  Officer Sauto was transported to the hospital where he received treatment for a gunshot wound.  These officers demonstrated extraordinary bravery at substantial risk to themselves by taking action against a dangerous armed suspect who had earlier attempted to take the life of another police officer.

Deputy Sheriff Tamica Agnew and Officer Abraham Cortes – Distinguished Service Medal

On March 17, 2013, Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Tamica Agnew and Cleveland Police Officer Abraham Cortes were assigned to mounted patrol duties in the Downtown area during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  It was at this time that Deputy Agnew observed a male assault another male.  The male caught sight of Deputy Agnew witnessing the crime and began to run.  Deputy Agnew pursued the suspect on horseback, chasing him into the waiting path of Officer Cortes.  Faced with being caught by both mounted officers, the male threw a firearm into the crowd.  Deputy Agnew continued to pursue the male while Officer Cortes secured the weapon utilizing his mount to clear the crowd, preventing further incident.  Deputy Agnew was able to stop and detain the male until ground troops arrived and took the male into custody..


Sergeant Robert Bartos, Detective Daniel Lentz, and Officer Martin Lentz – Distinguished Service Medal

Mrs. Stephanie Lentz – Citizen Pin

On December 20, 2012, Detective Daniel Lentz was off-duty at his home when he received information from an elderly neighbor that someone had tried to enter the gates of her property.  Detective Lentz was on the phone at the time with his brother, Officer Martin Lentz, who lives on the same street.  At this time Detective Daniel Lentz received additional information from his wife, Mrs. Stephanie Lentz, who stated she observed a suspicious vehicle nearby with two males inside who appeared to be “casing” houses.  Detective Lentz grabbed his city issued firearm and portable radio and proceeded to the area.  Detective Lentz observed the vehicle parked nearby, with the two males inside.  Detective Lentz observed one of the males remove a large object, wrapped in a plastic bag, from the rear of the vehicle and walk away carrying it.  Moments later, Officer Martin Lentz along with Sergeant Robert Bartos arrived on the scene in a personal vehicle to assist.  The officers noted the suspect vehicle’s license plate, and proceeded to search for the suspect who had left the scene.  Detective Lentz toured the area and was able to locate the male, who was no longer carrying the item.  Detective Lentz detained the male to investigate further, while Sergeant Bartos and Officer Martin Lentz were able to locate the home that had been broken into.  With the assistance of additional officers, the home was cleared of any other possible suspects.  The suspect, who admitted to being the “lookout”, was taken into custody for this and numerous other burglaries throughout various Cleveland neighborhoods.  A warrant was obtained for the second suspect, who was later arrested.  The suspect vehicle was also impounded and contained items related to some of the crimes.

Officers Kevin Walker, Thelemon Powell, Darnell McMullen, Robert Kowza, Samuel Feldman, Lenard Butler, Nicole Biggers, David Gibson, Belal Ilain, Marvin Young –

Distinguished Service Medal

On December 14, 2012, Officers Kevin Walker, Thelemon Powell, Darnell McMullen, Robert Kowza, Samuel Feldman, Lenard Butler, Nicole Biggers, David Gibson, Belal Ilain, Marvin Young were investigating a report of multiple “shots fired”.  Upon arrival, the officers observed a male dressed in all black lying on a front lawn in a prone position.  The male was pointing a handgun toward the street and not responding to verbal commands.  The officers took a position blocking the streets to protect the public and then formed a tactical formation and approached the armed male.  As the officers approached, the male dropped his weapon and was taken into custody.  Officers recovered the weapon only inches from the male’s hand.  It was later discovered that the handgun had malfunctioned, causing it to jam, and preventing the male from firing at responding officers.  The male was conveyed to a hospital for treatment prior to booking where he was discovered to be under the influence of a mind altering drug.  The officers protected the public, protected each other, and quite possibly saved the life of the male, all while safely resolving this extremely dangerous situation.

Officers Samuel Feldman, Erik Melendez, and Pedro Vargas – Distinguished Service Medal

On January 12, 2013, Officers Samuel Feldman, Erik Melendez, and Pedro Vargas responded to the scene of a home invasion in which the armed suspects were still inside.  The officers placed themselves in a tactical position in order to secure the perimeter of the home and prevent the escape of the suspects, and from their position observed multiple suspects inside armed with handguns.  Officer Feldman proceeded to give the suspects verbal commands from a loudspeaker directing them to exit the home through the front door.  After a few minutes the suspects, realizing they were surrounded, began to exit the front door one at a time.  Officer Feldman continued to give commands to each suspect as they exited and guided them towards Officers Melendez and Vargas.  Two suspects were taken into custody and the victim, who had been bound with duct tape and beaten severely, was rescued.  Four firearms, including an assault rifle, were discovered inside the home.  These officers used the resources available to bring an end to a very serious and potentially life threatening situation.

Officer Jeffrey Frinzl – Distinguished Service Medal 

On January 11, 2013, Officer Jeffrey Frinzl and his partner responded to a call for a female victim of a robbery.  Upon arrival, Officer Frinzl and his partner located the victim, who appeared to be very upset and possibly in shock.  The victim stated that while riding the bus and working on her iPad, a male suspect forcefully snatched it from her hand and fled off the bus.  When the victim observed that the suspect had fallen while exiting the bus, she also exited and attempted to retrieve the iPad while the suspect was on the ground.  The suspect then pushed the victim to the ground and fled the scene.  Because of his technical knowledge, Officer Frinzl was able to log into his own personal iPhone with the victim’s identification and determine the approximate location of her iPad nearby.  The victim remained at the scene with assisting officers while Officer Frinzl and his partner responded to the area to search for the stolen property.  As Officer Frinzl and his partner approached, they observed four juveniles begin walking away from behind a building.  The juveniles were detained and a search of the area was conducted.  Officer Frinzl again used his technical knowledge and sent a signal from his iPhone to the iPad to activate its alarm.  The alarm sounded and officers immediately recovered the iPad from beneath a piece of plywood.  The suspects were conveyed back to the scene where the victim immediately identified one of the males as the one who robbed her.  The juvenile, who had several previous robbery charges, was arrested and the stolen property was returned to the victim.  Officer Frinzl showed a high degree of personal initiative and technical knowledge which resulted in the arrest of a robbery suspect and the recovery and return of the stolen iPad.  


Officers Michael Glick and Carlos Robles – Distinguished Service Medal 

On June 10, 2013, Officers Michael Glick and Carlos Robles were assigned to investigate a complaint of armed gang members hanging out on a porch, drinking, fighting, and selling drugs.  These gang members were also threatening the neighborhood stating that they would shoot anyone who called the police.  Officers responded to investigate and observed six males standing around a porch.  As the officers began to investigate, one of the males fled and another was placed under arrest after becoming agitated and refusing to cease his disorderly behavior.  As the officers continued to investigate, another male fled.  Officer Glick pursued the fleeing male as Officer Robles kept the remaining males under control and requested assistance.  During the pursuit Officer Glick observed the male drop a handgun.  Officer Glick was able to apprehend the male as the male attempted to climb over a fence, and recover the handgun.  Officer Glick then returned to the scene to check on his partner.  Officer Robles had also discovered a loaded handgun on the porch next to the remaining males.  Assisting officers arrived and the males were all taken into custody.  The actions of Officers Glick and Robles led to the arrest of four armed suspects who threatened to take over a neighborhood.

Officers Alfred Johnson and Vincent Schneider – Distinguished Service Medal 

In the early morning hours of April 21, 2013, Officers Alfred Johnson and Vincent Schneider were working in the busy Downtown area of Cleveland, bustling with nightlife due to several
events going on, when a report of several gunshots being fired was broadcast.  The officers responded to the area and observed males matching the description getting into a parked vehicle.  As the officers approached the suspects, they observed them attempting to conceal objects in the vehicle.   Utilizing proper tactics, the officers safely removed the occupants from the vehicle one by one.  Officers recovered two loaded handguns and a large amount of drugs.  Further investigation revealed that the males were involved in an altercation and were responsible for firing the seized weapons in response.  The quick response and sound tactics of Officers Johnson and Schneider led to the apprehension of dangerous criminals, and prevented innocent citizens from being harmed.

                                                      Sergeant Keith Larson – Distinguished Service Medal 

Throughout Sergeant Keith Larson’s years of service in the Cleveland Division of Police he has repeatedly put forth the extra effort to assist those around him and the Division to serve the community better.  Most recently, and after more than ten years of discussions, the “One-Stop Vehicle Impound Lot” became a reality on July 31, 2013 as a direct result of the significant efforts of Sergeant Keith Larson.  The “One-Stop Vehicle Impound Lot” streamlined the vehicle release process by locating the Clerk of Courts Payment Center, Vehicle Impound Unit, and Vehicle Impound Lot in one convenient location.  


Sergeant Michael Rybarczyk – Distinguished Service Medal 

On December 29, 2012, Sergeant Michael Rybarczyk was on routine patrol in the Downtown area when he heard what he believed to be four gunshots being fired.  Sergeant Rybarczyk immediately began touring for the source of the gunshots.  At this time Sergeant Rybarczyk observed two security guards running towards him.  The security guards informed him that someone fired shots at them from a vehicle, and provided him with a description and direction of travel of the vehicle.  Sergeant Rybarczyk immediately proceeded to the area and observed a vehicle matching the description given, with four male occupants.  Sergeant Rybarczyk relayed this information to dispatch, and with the responding officers in his sight executed a high risk felony stop.  Sergeant Rybarczyk observed movement in the front seat area of the vehicle.  The four males were ordered from the vehicle and placed into a prone position on the ground and secured.  A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of two stolen handguns.  The males were taken into custody and the stolen guns were recovered.  


Officer Charles Schultz – Distinguished Service Medal 

In the early morning hours on May 25, 2013, Patrol Officer Charles Schultz received a telephone call from a confidential informant with information on the location of a male who was wanted on an arrest warrant for the vandalism and burglary of numerous churches.  Officer Schultz, despite being off-duty and it being very early in the morning, verified that the male was indeed wanted.  Officer Schultz recognized the seriousness of this information and immediately contacted the district Vice Unit, with which he had been working with the previous day.  Officer Schultz immediately responded to the district and he, along with the members of the Vice Unit verified the existence of the warrant, and responded to the location indicated by the informant.  Once on scene, Officer Schultz met with the informant and responded to the location of the wanted male and took him into custody without incident.  Officer Schultz recognized the seriousness of the situation and took immediate action that resulted in taking a wanted male off the streets.

Detective Todd Staimpel – Distinguished Service Medal

On June 10, 2013, Detective Todd Staimpel was working alone and was involved in a burglary detail when he responded to a call of a prowler.  Upon his arrival, Detective Staimpel conferred with the reporting person who provided a description of the suspect, and information that the suspect was now carrying property taken from the rear yard of his home.  Detective Staimpel began touring the area for the suspect and located the male nearby, carrying the described property.  Detective Staimpel exited his vehicle and approached the male, who immediately dropped the property and began to flee.  Detective Staimpel attempted to grab ahold of the suspect, but the male was able to spin away.  Detective Staimpel was then able to tackle the suspect to the ground at which time the suspect began elbowing Detective Staimpel in the head and kicking him.  While attempting to keep the suspect under control, Detective Staimpel was unable to reach his radio to call for assistance.  At this time, two citizens came to his aid and the suspect was handcuffed and taken into custody.  Detective Staimpel took action with no assistance readily available which resulted in the arrest of a burglar.

Mr. Marc Duckles and Mr. James Duckles – Citizen Plaque Award 

On June 10, 2013, Mr. Marc Duckles and Mr. James Duckles responded to a scene where a plain clothes police detective was struggling to control a suspect.  The detective was working alone and had located a suspect who had just committed a burglary.  The detective was on the ground struggling to control the suspect and unable to reach his radio to call for assistance.  Mr. Marc Duckles and Mr. James Duckles assisted by helping the detective hold down the combative suspect until assistance arrived.  The male, who was in possession of property stolen from a home, was taken into custody after being positively identified by the victim.

Mr. Michael Young – Chief’s Commendation

As the Federal Security Director at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Michael Young has worked closely with the Cleveland Division of Police Airport Unit.  He was instrumental in the deployment of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response effort with local, state and federal law enforcement organizations.  Michael Young supported robotics development as a partner with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the City of Cleveland Division of Fire.  Michael Young’s active participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and the office of emergency management have helped Cleveland remain at the forefront of the Northern Border initiative and with securing the homeland against outside threats to transportation and commerce.  Michael Young has been a friend of the Cleveland Division of Police and the City of Cleveland for many years as a member of the Secret Service team and as the Federal Security Director at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Crimes Task Force – Chief’s Commendation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Crimes Task Force has partnered with the Cleveland Division of Police and helped solve and/or prevent numerous serious and violent crimes in and around Cleveland. A few of the notable cases have been: the investigation and rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight and the prosecution of their captor; the initial investigation of the alleged kidnapping of 3 year old Emilliano Terry that resulted in an aggravated murder investigation; Operation “Block Party” resulting in Federal and State indictments of 19 gang members, 2 cold case homicides solved, 84% of 53 area bank robberies solved, a 45% reduction in violent crimes in the Third District; and in the last year, 17 human trafficking and child pornography cases presented to prosecutors.

Mr. Brian Asquith and Mr. Michael Zadd – Citizen Plaque Award

On March 6, 2013, Mr. Brian Asquith was walking to his vehicle after leaving a business establishment.  As Mr. Asquith entered his vehicle, a male charged at him from the shadows in the rear of the parking lot.  Mr. Asquith was now face to face with a male that had his hand in his coat, simulating a weapon, and demanding all of his valuables.  Without hesitation Mr. Asquith began to yell out to his friend, Mr. Michael Zadd, who had parked only a few spaces away.  Mr. Asquith was then able to kick the suspect far enough away so that he could escape from his vehicle and run towards Mr. Zadd to alert him of what was happening.  Mr. Asquith and Mr. Zadd then began to yell at the suspect, who was now rummaging through Mr. Asquith’s vehicle.  Upon hearing the yelling, the suspect began to flee from the scene.  Without regard for their own personal safety, Mr. Asquith and Mr. Zadd began to pursue the suspect.  The foot chase took them through rear yards in which they were not familiar, all with the uncertainty as to whether the suspect was armed and could turn on them at any moment.  Mr. Asquith and Mr. Zadd were able to tackle the suspect to the ground and hold him there while relaying their location to police dispatchers.  Police officers arrived and took the suspect into custody.  It is believed that the suspect had been preying on the patrons of area businesses for several months.  Mr. Asquith and Mr. Zadd, placing themselves at great personal risk, heroically fought back and ended a lengthy crime spree by this suspect who preyed upon innocent citizens of this community.


Mr. Roosevelt Bishop – Citizen Plaque Award 

On April 4, 2013, Mr. Roosevelt Bishop was walking to his house when he observed a female lying in an open field, with a male standing over her.  Knowing that there have been several females attacked in the area, Mr. Bishop feared for the female’s safety.  Mr. Bishop approached the female to check on her and noticed that she had been assaulted, and was possibly unconscious.  Upon seeing Mr. Bishop approach, the male then fled the scene.  Mr. Bishop rendered first aid to the female, called 911 for assistance, and remained on the scene until the police arrived.  Mr. Bishop also provided to police a very thorough description of the male and his last direction of travel.  Mr. Bishop, being aware of his surroundings and at great personal risk, intervened to stop an assault and prevent further injury.

Ms. Tracey Mechlin and Mr. Kemmit Scott – Citizen Plaque Award 

On January 2, 2013, Ms. Tracey Mechlin and Mr. Kemmit Scott observed a male lying in the middle of a busy street in the Downtown area of Cleveland having what appeared to be a medical emergency.  Ms. Mechlin and Mr. Scott helped the male by dragging him from the street and out of the way of oncoming traffic.  Ms. Mechlin and Mr. Scott attended to and comforted the male while Emergency Medical Services was notified and responded to transport the male to the hospital.  The quick actions of Ms. Mechlin and Mr. Scott, at great risk of harm to themselves, brought a hazardous and potentially life threatening situation to end without further incident.

Mr. Andrew Sheehan and Mr. Ian Roberts – Citizen Plaque Award

On February 18, 2013, Mr. Andrew Sheehan and Mr. Ian Roberts were alerted that an unknown female walked onto the frozen surface of Lake Erie and was submerged face down through an opening in the ice.  Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Roberts sprang into action.  Mr. Sheehan, with a rescue “ring buoy” around his arm, walked out onto the ice, climbed into the water, and pulled the victim face up to the edge of the ice.  Mr. Sheehan was unable to get the female fully out of the water as his grip began to fail.  It was at this time that Mr. Roberts crawled out onto the ice and grabbed the female by the pants.  Cleveland Police officers arrived on the scene and were able to assist by pulling Mr. Roberts and the female back to safety.  At this time Mr. Roberts returned to assist Mr. Sheehan and officers were again able to pull both back to safety.  The Cleveland Division of Fire responded to the scene and performed CPR and transported the female to the hospital for treatment.  Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Roberts were also transported to the hospital for treatment.  Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Roberts were also involved in a previous rescue of the same woman, in the same manner, just a few months prior.