Good Things That Happened During Last Week’s Arctic Blast:

Good Things That Happened During Last Week’s Arctic Blast:

Last week, the CLE was bombarded with yet another round of the white stuff everyone is tired of by now.  While it is certainly safe to say that we all have our gripes about the weather (including, but not limited to: being stuck in the snow, potholes, flat tires, etc.), some good things actually DID happen.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Office of the Chief of Police reported numerous phone calls from citizens cheering on our officers for enduring a relentless battle with the cold, directing traffic in less than optimal conditions and making the commute to and from work possible.

One of our officers reported that a woman stopped near him where he directed traffic in the intersection of East 9th Street and Carnegie Avenue.  The woman thanked him for his service and actually handed him a pair of hand warmers!

One woman wrote in this email:

Thank you to Cleveland’s finest SWAT team…

I was stuck spinning my wheels trying to make it up a small incline on West 3rd and amazingly a white van pulled around me and stopped.  Six handsome gentlemen wearing SWAT uniforms jumped out of the van, ran towards my car and pushed me up the hill.  Hurray!!!!

So, you see, it’s not all bad.  Thank you for the support, CLEVELAND!  Now let’s all just hope that spring gets here soon!