Badge Case Ceremony #HonorOurFallen #PoliceMemorialWeek

Badge Case Ceremony:

Fallen officers were honored today in the Cleveland Division of Police Badge Case Ceremony. The badges of Cleveland Officers killed in the line of duty are placed into a case at Police Headquarters. The Cleveland Division of Police has existed for 155 years and in that time, 111 badges have been placed in the case. The badge numbers are retired upon being entered into the case.

Today’s guest speaker was Wayne Owens, the father of Derek Wayne Owens whose End of Watch was March 1, 2008. Mr. Owens moved the crowd as he spoke of the importance of the badge being worn over the heart. He recounted the days after Derek was killed and the day his badge was placed into the case. Derek’s badge is the last badge added to the case.

The ceremonies and services conducted this week honor not only the fallen officers, but the surviving family members as well. The officers who lose their lives in the line of duty give the ultimate sacrifice. The family members of the fallen carry their memories forever. Through the ceremonies and services, we all promise to never forget.

#Honorourfallen #Policememorialweek

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