Officer Involved Shooting, May 19, 2014

Officer Involved Shooting:

Today at approximately 12:30pm, officers responded to the area of E. 57th Street and Fleet Avenue for a male shot. Upon arrival, the victim was located and he was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. Officers received suspect information regarding the shooter from police radio.

While touring the area for the suspect, officers did locate a male, whom they believed to be the suspect, riding a bicycle. Officers attempted to stop the male for questioning when he fled on the bicycle. The suspect then dropped the bicycle and fled on foot through backyards. Officers pursued the suspect, he produced a handgun and shots were fired. The officer shot the suspect in the leg; he continued running and threw his weapon before stopping. He was arrested without further incident and transported to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.

The weapon was recovered at the scene. This matter remains under investigation.

below is a link to the Chief’s media briefing (sound is low)