Public Safety Officials Address Violence Prevention and Call on Community Support for a Safe Summer

This afternoon, public safety officials Police Chief Calvin Williams, Fire Chief Patrick Kelly and EMS Commissioner Nicole Carlton held a press conference to address recent incidents and what we can all do to have a safe summer.

Fire Chief Patrick Kelly stressed the importance of fire safety, including proper uses of outdoor grills, fire prevention programs and the Division’s proactive programs that offer free smoke detectors to those who cannot afford them.  Chief Kelly also highlighted some of the recent cases involving the Division of Fire, including a recent fatal accident along the coast of Lake Erie, stressing the importance of safe driving.

EMS Commissioner Nicole Carlton spoke about safety and about trauma.  “Trauma begins at the  point of impact,” she said, but it does not end at the hospital.  Traumas from car accidents, shootings, stabbings, etc., have a long lasting effect on those hurt and, in extreme cases, on those left behind due to tragedy.  It is so important to practice good safety habits.  She stressed the importance of seatbelt use and the use of motorcycle helmets.

Chief Calvin Williams addressed overall safety and the importance of community involvement and personal responsibility:

Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be a family time; cookouts and picnics in the park. To our dismay, the summer of 2014 has gotten off to a violent start and this past weekend, we saw  homicides, shootings, stabbings and 2 fatal accidents. This must stop.

The individuals committing these heinous acts do not reflect the image of who a true Clevelander is. These criminals do not value human life. They are cruel and we in the Division of Police make it our priority to put them behind bars.

Through targeted partnerships and programs, including the Northern Ohio Law enforcement Task Force, the Violent Crimes Task Force, VGRIP, Gun Suppressions and Neighborhood Safety Initiatives, we are able to track crimes and work cases to bring criminals to justice. Through these efforts, we do see a reduction in violence and we take guns off of our streets. But it is not enough. We need to do more. As a community, we need to do more.

We ask you to join in the fight against these criminals.We ask you to get involved in YOUR community and YOUR neighborhood and call on law enforcement when you see something that just isn’t right. Take the initiative to teach OUR children the right way. We have the responsibility to teach the next generation the value of human life and the way to a brighter future.

By working together as one Cleveland family, as one group with the intention of making safety and security a first priority, we can have a safe and happy Summer, 2014.