Critical Mass Bicycle Riding Event

The City of Cleveland’s Division of Police supports and encourages the healthy lifestyle being promoted by the Critical Mass bicycle riding group. The Division recognizes and actively protects bicyclists’ rights as part of the traffic component on the streets here in the City of Cleveland. As the temperatures have increased, so have the number of participants in the critical mass riding events. The numbers from the May 30th, 2014 event have been estimated at 500-800 riders.

A portion of the May 30th event took riders through downtown Cleveland during early evening traffic, including vehicular and pedestrian traffic for citizens attending a Cleveland Indians home game. During the critical mass event there were 3 bicyclists ticketed by members of Division of Police Bureau of Traffic enforcement for a red light violation. While participating in the event, these riders failed to obey traffic signals and created a hazardous situation for themselves, motor vehicle operators and pedestrians. While we welcome and encourage the participants of this event, we remind them that the traffic laws must be obeyed by all in order to ensure traffic safety for all.

The Division will meet with organizers of this event during the next few days to address any concerns or questions participants have related to traffic laws regarding bicyclists and continue to ensure this worthy event is safe and enjoyable for the citizens of Cleveland.