Eight Cleveland Police Officers Nominated to Receive Medal of Heroism for Saving Disabled Man from Burning Car

Eight Cleveland Police Officers Nominated to Receive Medal of Heroism for Saving Disabled Man from Burning Car

On June 1, 2014 officers of the Fourth District responded to Kinsman Road and East 93rd Street for a serious motor vehicle accident. The preliminary investigation indicates that one vehicle was travelling eastbound on Kinsman Road when a second vehicle travelling southbound on east 93rd Street ran the red light, colliding with the first vehicle and causing it to roll over. The second vehicle then collided with a utility pole.

Officers responded to the scene from the office of the Fourth District to assist and found that the vehicle into the pole was smoking heavily from underneath the hood. Further inspection revealed that the driver of that vehicle was disabled and was secured in the vehicle within a wheelchair. Officers entered the vehicle and tried to quickly extract the man along with the wheelchair, but with the smoke thickening, it was determined that the vehicle was catching on fire. One officer ran back into the district to retrieve a fire extinguisher which upon returning he discharged as other officers pulled the man from the wheelchair, out of the vehicle and away from danger.

The passenger of the roll over vehicle was found to be an off duty Cleveland Police Lieutenant. Both he and the driver, along with the driver of the second vehicle were transported to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment of their injuries.

Despite the quickly worsening circumstances, each of these brave officers stood their ground and saved a man’s life. Each officer involved was nominated by their superior officers to receive the Medal of Heroism.

Thank you to these fine officers:

Sergeant Kevin Coleman

Patrol Officer Mark Pesta

Patrol Officer Robby Prock

Patrol Officer Jim Merritt

Patrol Officer Daniel Jopek

Patrol Officer Robert Mangan

Patrol Officer Kevin Kincaid

Patrol Officer Ian Mussell