Members of @CLEpolice Detachment of the Marine Corps League Work to Help a Young Man and Shape His Future

On Tuesday, June 4th, members of the Cleveland Police Detachment of the Marine Corps League dropped in to check on Cornelius Love II.

Last March, Cornelius was assaulted and robbed while waiting for a bus on his way home from school, an attack which left Cornelius hospitalized in intensive care.

Cleveland Police Officer Kevin Kincaid recalled watching the story on the news when Cornelius said that he had a dream to be a United States Marine when he graduated high school.

With Officer Kincaid leading the way, the Marine Corps League Detachment rented Cornelius a tuxedo for his prom and worked with the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association who generously allowed Cornelius and his classmates use of the Union Hall for their graduation party.

When the members of the Detachment stopped in to check on Cornelius, they found him sitting at the dining room table talking to a Marine Recruiter about his options.

It was explained to Cornelius that Marines don’t leave each other in battle, or ever. If Cornelius ever needs anything, he need not look further than anyone who ever claimed the title “Marine.”

By the end of the visit, the Marine Corps motto “Always Faithful” meant something even more special to everyone in attendance.



Photo: Officers Kevin Kincaid, Timothy Maffo-Judd and Neil Pesta meet with Cornelius Love II and Recruiters from the Marine Corps.