@CLEpolice Homicide Unit Investigating Death of 2 Year Old Child (video-Chief Speaks to Media)

The Cleveland Division of Police is currently investigating the death of a 2 year old male child which occurred on June 10, 2014 at approximately 5:30am. Below are the circumstances of this incident:

• Officers responded to Lutheran Hospital for a 2 year old victim of a GSW at 530am
• Shooting occurred at 2522(B) Division
• Mother and father engaged in verbal argument and physical altercation
• At some point during the altercation the father was outside and fired a weapon into the window of the residence
• Victim was awake and standing on a landing when he was struck in the head with a single shot
• Suspect gave child to another relative and he was transported via private auto to Lutheran
• Suspect discarded weapon into a garbage can in the rear of 2822 Division and then fled in a car
• Suspect located at 1245 W 45 near the Garret Morgan Water Treatment Plant and detained by a Public Utilities Police Officer
• Weapon was seized and taken as evidence

Chief Williams in a media advisory today noted that the suspect, who is the victim’s father, is a convicted felon who should not have been in possession of a weapon at all. See the full interview here: