Second District Vice Unit Makes Huge Illegal Fireworks Bust

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The Cleveland Division of Police Second District Vice Unit has been busy keeping residents safe from the dangers of illegally possessed and dangerously stored fireworks. On Tuesday, detectives obtained information regarding a resident selling illegal fireworks out of his home and garage. The officers went to the man’s home undercover and purchased some fireworks. Detectives at that time observed fireworks stacked in boxes, floor to ceiling in the garage! Considering the heat wave we have experienced here in the City of Cleveland in recent days, it is lucky that the explosives did not ignite. Fire officials tell us that an explosion of that magnitude would be enough to take out the house and some surrounding homes!

While at the man’s residence, the witty detectives inquired as to if the seller could hook them up with some higher grade, more professional fireworks. They were in luck! The man was more than happy to lead officers to another home in Parma, Ohio with more, higher powered fireworks (again illegally possessed and stored)! This time, the garage was unpacked and conveniently set up like a little fireworks store! Wow, this guy is like his own franchise!

The suspect and a second suspect (the resident of the Parma home) were surprised when detectives revealed their true identities and took them into custody. They were charged with felony possession of fireworks. Surprise!
The moral of this story is not that cops love to ruin your fun and take away your fireworks. The moral of the story, dear reader, is SAFETY. It may be fun to watch those shiny bright sparks once you light off your stash of pretty explosions, but it is ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS. You may say, “Now, officer, my garage is not filled with pallets and boxes of fireworks, I only have a few.” Well, the truth is, only a few kinds of novelty fireworks are legal within city limits. These are boring and include sparklers, smoke bombs and those little tiny “caps” that go “pop”. All other fireworks can land you in jail. “Jail, you say?” Yes, jail. And trust us when we say that our jail is pretty full on the Fourth of July. And it when it is full, it smells. And you may have a roommate who is the cause of the smell.

So, let’s work together to have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend. A weekend that involves fun family memories and NOT life changing injuries or the smelly jail!