Fourth of July – How to Stay Out of Trouble


Fourth of July, 2014

The Fourth of July marks the kickoff of summertime fun and celebration. Officers of the Cleveland Division of Police wish everyone a safe and happy weekend and we have some friendly reminders for you:

Don’t Drink and Drive. There is no better way to ruin your weekend than to end up in our city jail. It is safe to say that the Fourth of July can lead to a full house and with it being hot outside and all, a smelly house. Also, we are not known for our fine cuisine. You are better off taking a bus or a taxi home from that barbeque, trust us. There won’t be any breaks this weekend. Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

Fireworks Safety…that’s actually kind of an oxymoron. Fireworks are not safe for the novice user. They just aren’t. Google “fireworks injuries” and see what we mean (dare you). Instead, take a trip out to one of the many PROFESSIONAL fireworks displays going on throughout the region. Consider taking public transportation to ease the headaches associated with parking and travelling. Remember, possessing or igniting fireworks is illegal and you can be arrested for doing so.

Celebratory Gunfire: What Goes Up Must Come Down…so what does that mean? In the city, we get calls each year for not only fireworks (all day and all night) but also for gunfire. Ya don’t say! We do say. It is obviously illegal to fire a gun up into the air to show the joy you feel celebrating being an American, but it is also extremely irresponsible! That bullet is going to land somewhere and the chances of things ending well are not good.

Open Container and Public Intoxication Offenses: Let’s just be clear here. You cannot walk down the street with your open beer. Not even just over to see what your neighbor is grilling. Not even if it is cleverly disguised in a paper bag. We know what’s in there and you will get a ticket. You may not be so drunk in public that you cannot take care of yourself. If you are found in a state where you are unable to care for yourself due to intoxication, you may find yourself waking up in our jail (see above).

These rules are fair and easy to follow for most people. For those of you who have a hard time following directions, please see Saturday’s post regarding how to pay a ticket or a bond.

Happy Fourth of July, Cleveland!