Woman Nominated for Citizen Pin Award for Rescuing Small Dog

sdcard095DCIM95Camera95IMG952014092095143232Woman Nominated for the Citizen Pin Award for Rescuing Small Dog

On Friday, September 19, 2014, Fourth District officers responded to a call for a male threatening people and threatening to kill a dog. Upon arriving in the area of E. 79 & Woodland, officers were flagged down by a woman working a hot dog cart, Ms. Brittany Owens. She informed the officers that a male was at her hot dog stand and was acting very agitated, nervous, and menacing. She was able to see inside of a duffle bag that he was holding, two little furry ears sticking out. She asked him what it was and he replied “It’s a dog and I don’t like him I am going to kill this little dog by suffocating him.” Ms. Owens then asked the male if she could have the dog, even buy him, and he became even more upset and menacing yelling at her, “no I am going to kill it!” Ms. Owens, at great risk to herself took the bag and dog from him. The male then attempted to assault Ms. Owens but she quickly defended herself and chased the male away.

As officers began looking for the male, they were flagged down by several construction workers all complaining that a male was threatening to hurt them. A short time later, officers encountered the male and found him to be very upset, agitated, and nervous and having a psychiatric episode. The male was asked what happened with the dog and he stated, ”I was going to kill it because it’s bothering me but that lady took him and chased me away.” The male further stated that he had not been taking his prescribed medication.

Ms. Owens stated that the dog was suffering from a fresh head injury and was very scared. As she has worked at a veterinary office in the past, she knew that the dog needed immediate medical attention and she took him to a clinic for care. She has since adopted the dog.
Ms. Owens saw that dog was going to be harmed by an obviously distraught male and she quickly took action to protect the dog at great risk to her own safety. She rescued the dog, avoided being assaulted, then provided officers with an accurate description of the male. The male was, at the time, in a crisis. He was taken to be mentally evaluated and to have his medications monitored. Ms. Brittany Owens has been nominated to receive Citizens Pin for her heroic actions by Lieutenant Timothy Gaertner.