Who saves people from burning cars??…These Guys! Great story from tonight’s @CLEpolice Awards Ceremony


Who saves people from burning cars??…These Guys!

The City of Cleveland held the Division of Police Awards Ceremony today. Patrol Officers Daniel Jopek, Kevin Kincaid Jr., Robert Mangan, James Merritt, Ian Mussell, Mark Pesta, Robby Prock and Sergeant Kevin Coleman were awarded the Medal of Heroism for this act of bravery:

On June 1, 2014, officers heard a loud crash outside the 4th District Police Station. The officers immediately ran outside to determine what occurred and provide any assistance. They discovered a motor vehicle crash involving two vehicles and one vehicle was on fire with the driver trapped inside. As the officers began a rescue effort it was discovered that the trapped driver was unable to exit the vehicle because he was confined to a wheelchair and the wheelchair was stuck. At great personal risk and through a coordinated team effort, the officers were able to extinguish enough of the fire to cut the seatbelt and carry the disabled driver to safety. The driver was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where he was treated and released without serious injury.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more photos and great stories from tonight’s awards ceremony!