Donations Needed: 2nd District Officers collecting clothing for the homeless. Socks and underwear needed!


Donations Needed!

Second District Officers Sergeant Mitch Sheehan and Patrol Officer Tim Maffo are collecting clothing donations for Cleveland’s homeless population.  Recently, the officers visited the Metanoia Project which is a non-profit organization run through St. Malachi Church dedicated to providing a safe, secure overnight respite during the winter months for homeless people. The Metanoia Project provides shelter, meals, personal care items and clothing.

Shelters are currently in need of clothing donations, specifically socks and underwear.  The officers are asking for donations of men’s, women’s and children’s socks, underwear and thermal underwear.  The items may be dropped off at the Second District, 3481 Fulton Road, today through February 2nd, 2015.