Just look at this face! Puppy found by police now available for adoption at the Cleveland Division of Animal Control


Just look at this face!

On January 22, 2015, Cleveland Patrol Officer Jeffrey Petkac was on patrol in the Third District when he received a call to respond to the area of West 24th Street and Riverbed Road to assist an outreach worker who was checking on the homeless who stay in camps in the area.  Officer Petkac spoke with Mr. Jim Schlect, who dedicates countless hours to helping the homeless.

Mr. Schlect was concerned that a puppy had been left abandoned in one of the camping areas.  Although they could not see the puppy, they could hear her whining.  After a search of the area, they located this little gem.  She was hungry and very cold!  Her nickname is “Snowball” and she will be waiting at the Division of Animal Control to be adopted.  Remember, there are lots of animals at the kennel awaiting adoption, so if you are in the market for a new furry friend, check them out!  http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home/Government/CityAgencies/PublicSafety/Divisionof%20CityKennels