Cleveland Division of Police: Body Worn Cameras

Cleveland Division of Police: Body Worn Cameras


The Cleveland Division of Police is in the process of deploying body worn cameras to officers assigned to basic patrol.  Deployment of the cameras will begin in the Fourth District and continue throughout the remaining districts over the course of the next few months.  The cameras are worn on the officer’s ballistic vest or outer garment and will be utilized during assignments and citizen interactions.

The cameras will record activity during police interactions with citizens, increasing transparency and officer accountability.  The cameras will provide accurate documentation of police/citizen encounters and assist with reporting, evidence collection and court testimony.  Body worn cameras have been shown to reduce the number of complaints and use of force incidents in law enforcement.

Officers will activate the camera and record police activity during situations such as pedestrian and vehicle investigative stops, pursuits and emergency driving situations, crime and accident scenes.  Cameras will generally not be used during entry into non-crime scenes, areas of expected privacy (restrooms, dressing rooms), or to record conversation not related to a police report or investigation.

Data recorded by the body worn cameras will be stored on Taser’s server,  Records will be maintained according to incident priority.  For example, recordings pertaining to homicide or sexual assault incidents will be maintained permanently, while critical incidents like use of force, arrests, search warrants, felony crime scenes and vehicle pursuits will be maintained for five years.

Officers have begun training in the operation of the body worn cameras.  After completion of the training, officers will begin to use the cameras during their daily duties.