Arrest Made in Quintuple Homicide

Arrest Made in Quintuple Homicide

Cleveland Homicide Investigators Arrest James Henderson for Aggravated Murder and Felonious Assault

On Wednesday, May 6, 2015, Cleveland Division of Police Homicide investigators arrested James Henderson for the November 21, 2014 shooting deaths of five victims at 1443 East 92nd Street.  Detectives identified Henderson as a suspect and he was further connected to the case via DNA evidence.  Henderson was located today at the McDonalds restaurant on West 117th Street.  During a search of Henderson’s person for officer safety, he was found to be in possession of a loaded 9mm handgun.

James Henderson was placed under arrest for Aggravated Murder, Felonious Assault and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

The handgun found on Henderson was taken to the Forensic Unit of the Cleveland Division of Police where it was tested and matched to the casings found at the crime scene and the bullets recovered from the victims.

This case was handled by Cleveland Division of Police Homicide Detectives.  Detectives Ray Diaz and Kathy Cruz worked closely with the Violent Crimes Task force and Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The Cleveland Division of Police recognizes the efforts of these dedicated detectives and agents.  This was a very violent incident and removing Henderson from the streets of our city is a great service to the citizens of the City of Cleveland.


The Cleveland Division of Police Homicide Unit investigated a shooting incident involving five deaths.  The incident occurred on Friday, November 21, 2014 at approximately 7:30pm at 1443 East 92nd Street.  A 9 year old girl was also the victim of a felonious assault shooting in this case.

Officers responded to the East 92nd Street home for shots fired with multiple victims.  Officers arrived on scene and located the deceased victims, one inside of a vehicle in the driveway and three in the home.

The preliminary information revealed that the victim in the vehicle, a 41 year old pregnant female, arrived at the home with her two children in the vehicle with her.  A 2 year old male was in the back seat along with a 9 year old female.  The victim allowed the 9 year old to go inside of the home to retrieve clothing.  While inside of the home, the 9 year old discovered one or some of the shooting victims, a 60 year old male, a 19 year old male and a 17 year old female.  At that time, a male armed with a handgun ran toward the 9 year old and fired a shot, grazing the girl in the chest.  The suspect then ran past the 9 year old victim and proceeded into the driveway where he shot the pregnant female in the vehicle.  The 2 year old in the back seat was not harmed.  The suspect was described as a male wearing a mask.

The 9 year old girl and the 41 year old pregnant female were transported to University Hospital Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital where the 41 year old was pronounced dead on arrival and the child she was 28 weeks pregnant with, a male, was pronounced dead as well.  The 9 year old girl victim was treated and released, along with the 2 year old, to family.

Officers and detectives worked the crime scene through the night and continued to process evidence.  The motive of the incident has yet to be determined.  All deceased victims were transported to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office for examination.

The Division of Police continued to work with the Violent Crimes Task Force to solve this crime.  The Violent Loss Response Team worked to assist family members with the resources to move forward.