INVESTIGATION UPDATE: Felonious Assault against three Cleveland Police Officers, June 14, 2015

The Cleveland Division of Police Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team (UDFIT) is currently investigating a felonious assault incident against three Cleveland Police Officers that occurred on Sunday, June 14th, 2015 at approximately 10:30 am.
A second district zone car received an assignment to respond to the W. 83rd and Detroit in connection with reports of six (6) males gathered outside an apartment building at W. 83rd and Detroit. One of the six males was described as wearing black clothing and waving a handgun. The assignment was given to a two-officer unit when a one-officer unit advised dispatch that he would assist the primary unit.
An officer arrived in the area at 10:37 and observed a male wearing a black hooded sweat shirt exit a building at 1388 W. 83rd. The officer observed what appeared to be a heavy object in the front of the male’s sweat shirt. The male appeared to take notice of the officer and quickly turned around and began walking southbound on W. 83 towards Detroit. As the male approached Detroit, the two officer car turned onto W. 83rd from Detroit. Upon observing the second police car the male immediately began to run southbound on W. 83 then west on Detroit. One officer used his police vehicle to pursue the male into a parking lot at 8310 Detroit. The officer was now able to see the suspect holding a dark colored handgun in his hand. The suspect scaled a fence entering the rear yard of 1384 W. 83rd. The officer exited his police car drawing his service weapon and began to carefully follow the suspect on foot. As the officer approached the fence the suspect turned and raised the handgun in the direction of the officer. The officer fired 4 rounds at the suspect. The suspect turned around and appeared to manipulate the handgun briefly before continuing to flee westbound towards a park on W. 85 Street. The other two officers arrived in the parking lot just after the shots were fired. After learning the officer was not injured, the two officers began to pursue the suspect on foot and the third officer who (who fired shots) re-entered his vehicle to continue pursuing the suspect
The two officers on foot lost sight of the suspect momentarily but citizens in the area indicated what direction the suspect fled in. As the officers continued on foot they reported hearing multiple gunshots fired behind them from the east. The officers reported hearing the rounds whiz by as they were running westbound. Both officers immediately took positions of cover and were unable to see who was firing.
The officer utilizing his police vehicle drove to W.87th and proceeded north. The officer observed the suspect emerge from a yard. When the suspect observed the police car he turned and began to run up the driveway of 1341 W. 87th. The officer exited his vehicle and pursued the male into the rear yard and ordered him to the ground. The suspect complied and the officer held him at gunpoint until the other two officers arrived and assisted with arresting the suspect.
The arrested male complained of pain in his side and EMS was notified and responded to the W.87th location. Officers re-traced the route taken by the arrested male and located a handgun that had been thrown into an open basement window of an abandoned house. The recovered weapon was missing a magazine. In continuing to re-trace the path taken by the arrested male officers located a magazine the same caliber as the recovered handgun. This magazine was in the area where the officer reported observing the arrested male manipulate the handgun.
The suspect was placed under arrest for Felonious Assault on a P.O. and CCW. The arrested male was conveyed to MetroHealth Medical Center by EMS where he was treated and confined for a puncture wound to his abdomen.
A check of the area where officers believed the shots were coming from revealed the suspect(s) were no longer in the area. Multiple spent shell casings were recovered from the rear yard of 1388 W. 83rd street.
None of the officers involved in this incident were injured. The three officers will be placed on an administrative 3 day leave, which is divisional policy.
The injury to the arrested male is believed to have occurred as he was scaling fences during his flight from officers. The suspect was not struck by the officer’s gunfire.
Arrested: 22 year old Alexander Frierson of Cleveland.