Kids and Guns: Part One – Kids, ages 7, 9, 12 found with Tec-9 Pistol, Sheathed Knife and Taser

Kids and Guns Part One

The Cleveland Division of Police Third District Detective Bureau is currently investigating an incident involving three children, ages 7-12 that were in possession of a semiautomatic Tec-9 pistol, a sheath knife and a taser.

Officers responded to a home in the 8000 block of Whitethorn Avenue for a group of children with a “machine gun”. Upon arrival, they were met by a woman holding a purple bag containing a Tec-9 pistol and a magazine which was loaded with live ammunition. The three young boys, ages 7, 9 and 12 were sitting on the steps outside of the house.

The woman reported that she heard the kids talking outside of her kitchen window. She looked out and saw the 7 year old with the gun trying to load it with the magazine. She went outside and immediately took the gun from the children. She then told the kids to sit on the steps and she went back into the home and called police.

Once officers arrived, they proceeded to check the kids for additional weapons. The 12 year old was found to have a large sheathed knife and a taser type of stun gun in his pants pockets along with additional ammunition. The 9 year old did not have any weapons.

The children were questioned by officers and the 7 year old told them he got the gun from on top of the mantle in his living room, stating that it belonged to his mother’s boyfriend. Further investigation revealed that the sheathed knife and taser came from the same home.

The 9 year old was released to his mother. The 7 and 12 year olds were charged in juvenile court with Carrying Concealed Weapons. They were not accepted by the Detention Center and were instead released to their parents.

Had it not been for the quick actions taken by this observant citizen, great tragedy could have ensued. We send our thanks to her and hope that others will follow her example and take action when needed in order to protect our children.

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