SWAT and the Alligator (PHOTOS)

Alligator Incident 15-397742


Officers of the Cleveland Division of Police Fifth District responded to 7705 Cornelia Avenue on Thursday, December 17, 2015 for a domestic incident.  Upon arrival, it was learned that the suspect had barricaded himself inside of the home and possibly had weapons and an alligator.  The SWAT unit was notified and responded.  The suspect was taken into custody on a Domestic Violence warrant and on new Domestic Violence charges.  The arrest occurred without incident.

The alligator was located by members of the SWAT unit.  He was taken into custody with the use of a dog pole and some duct tape to ensure no one would be bitten.  No officers were injured and the animal is now in the custody of Animal Control where he was provided a tiny pool.  The animal was not used as a weapon against the officers.  the suspect was also charged with Unlawful Possession of Exotic Animals.

The conditions of the home were not sanitary and the animal was roaming free in the home. It is obviously unsafe for alligators to roam free in homes, both for the animal and for visitors. Hopefully this little lizard will find a happier, more appropriate home.

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