Suspects Wanted for Aggravated Robbery, Driving a black Kia Optima:GGC2974

Aggravated Robbery

Victim: female, age 28

The Cleveland Division of Police Fourth District Detective Bureau is currently investigating a robbery incident which occurred on February 10, 2016 at approximately 1:40 am at East 93rd Street and Carton.  Victim reported she was walking home from the store and noticed two vehicles following her.  She continued walking east on Carton when a black male, late teens or early 20s, exited one of the vehicles and ordered her to give up her money, pointing a silver handgun at her.  The suspect then began searching through her pockets, taking $64.00, 2 cans of sprite and 3 black and mild cigars.

The suspect then got into one of two vehicles which fled: a white Kia Sole which was followed by a black Kia Optima. A total of four suspects were in the two vehicles and as they passed the victim, one suspect said “Maybe you should get into the back seat and suck our dicks.”  Victim continued walking home when the black Kia returned and suspects offered victim a ride.  Victim refused but was able to obtain the license plate, GGC2974, which lists to a black Kia Optima reported stolen.  (The Optima was taken last evening from 5319 Broadway Avenue, the victim parked the vehicle, leaving it running, went into a pizza shop to purchase food and returned to find her vehicle was missing.)

The white Kia Sole was located was located in a field at East 89/Laisy unoccupied. (This Kia was reported stolen on February 7, 2016 from 1840 E. 86th Street.)  While in the process of towing this vehicle for evidence, the black Kia passed officers.

The vehicle was spotted again at East 110/Union at which point officers followed the vehicle until back up zone cars arrived and a pursuit of the vehicle occurred. The pursuit of the vehicle was terminated and reengaged several times as officers would lose sight of the suspect vehicle, according to pursuit policy, and to ensure the safety of citizens travelling on the roadways.  The vehicle was not located and no arrests have been made.  The vehicle has been spotted multiple times in the Fourth District, most recently at about 12pm today.

During the course of the pursuit there was a collision that occurred damaging two zone cars. No civilian vehicles were damaged, no other property damage occurred and no injuries were reported.  Both zone cars remained drivable.