West Side Abduction Case – Person of Interest VIDEO Pls RT



The Cleveland Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with the Cleveland Division of Police release new  video in regards to the May 21, 2016 unsolved Westside abductor case.


The video attached depicts a person of interest that is observed walking down West 105th Place on May 14, 2016 during the 2 a.m. hour. Law enforcement is asking the public to be attentive to the appearance of the individual in the video, the clothing he is wearing and his gait.


The person is unknown and was in the area of West 105th Place exactly one week prior to the abduction during the 2 a.m. hour.   The child was abducted from her home on West 104th Street. At this time law enforcement does not have definitive information connecting the unknown male in the video to this vehicle of interest.


Law enforcement continues to plea to the public for assistance in this unsolved case. We ask the public to please call our confidential tip line at 216-622-6842 with any information regarding the identity of this unknown person of interest.