Felonious Assault Shooting/Officer Involved Shooting/Felonious Assault on Peace Officer/Arrest/Gun Confiscation

Felonious Assault Shooting/Officer Involved Shooting/Felonious Assault on Peace Officer/Arrest/Gun Confiscation 17-061860

Victim 1: 45 year old white male Cleveland Police SWAT officer, graze wound from gunfire to leg

Victims: Additional SWAT Officers, not injured, Cleveland Police Canine, not injured

Preliminary investigation indicates:

On February 28, 2017 at approximately 1:30am, officers on foot patrol in the area of East 23rd Street and St. and Hamilton Avenue observed multiple occupants in a vehicle, one of which appeared to be holding a bag of suspected narcotics.  The officers ordered the occupants out of the vehicle (four total occupants) at which time the back seat occupants were observed to be in possession of a handgun.  The back seat occupants (one male and one female) exited the vehicle without incident and without the firearm.  The front seat driver and passenger remained inside of the vehicle with the firearm and pulled the doors closed, refusing to exit.

Per police protocol, the Cleveland Division of Police SWAT unit was called to the scene due to the barricaded armed suspects. The Cuyahoga County SWAT unit assisted.  The SWAT officers arrived and negotiators attempted to talk with the occupants who continued to refuse to exit the vehicle.  SWAT officers deployed the armored vehicle in their approach of the suspect vehicle.

During the attempted negotiations, officers made contact with at least one suspect’s family member in an attempt to have the family member contact the suspect and persuade the two to surrender to police. The suspects continued to refuse to exit the vehicle.

At approximately 4:00 am, the suspect(s) fired at the SWAT officers. Officers did not, at that time, return fire.  Officers continued to attempt to talk to the suspects.  Suspects then fired at the officers again multiple times at which point one SWAT officer was injured due to gunfire; he received a graze wound to his leg.  Multiple officers returned fire.  One suspect was shot and fell down outside of the vehicle on the sidewalk with a gun near him.  The robot was used to retrieve a gun lying near this male.  He was later conveyed from the scene by EMS to Metro due to multiple gunshot wounds.

The second suspect remained inside of the vehicle. After some time, SWAT officers engaged the vehicle and removed the suspect.  He was conveyed to Metro by EMS due to multiple gunshot wounds.  Both suspects remain at Metro, last medical update indicated they were both in surgery.  The other two occupants of the vehicle were both placed under arrest.  Once charge information becomes available, it will be provided.

Officers remain on scene investigating, photographing and securing evidence. Once names of the involved suspects become available they will be released.  The names of the involved SWAT officers will be released 72 hours following the incident.  The injured SWAT officer was treated at Metro Hospital and released.