Female Abducted: Police Looking for black Audi SUV with bent license plates. VIDEO 


The Cleveland Division of Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying the male and or female seen in this video.  

Today at approximately 10am officers responded to E. 89/Carnegie for a possible abduction. Witnesses reported seeing a black male grab and beat a black female and force her into a vehicle. 


The male is described as a black male, muscular, approximately 5’7″ tall wearing a grey hoodie and grey sweats. 


The female is described as a black female, slender, approximately 5’4″ tall wearing a black jacket, tan shirt, white knit hat and blue jeans, carrying a large brown purse. 


The vehicle is described as a black Audi SUV 4 door with a possible partial plate of GWT. Further information indicates the license plates may be bent as witnesses who followed the vehicle reported seeing the male exit and intentionally bend the plates. 


Anyone with information relative to the identification of the male and or female or the whereabouts of the male, female or vehicle is asked to call 216.623.3084

If the vehicle is spotted, please call 9-1-1.
Note: the vehicle is first seen in the parking lot. Then at 10:08:53 the male is seen grabbing the female on the sidewalk.