2017 Gun Buy Back Announced: Saturday, October 21, 2017 9am 4501 Chester Ave.

Mayor Jackson and Chief Williams Urge Clevelanders to Participate in the 2017 Gun Buy Back


CLEVELAND – Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams urge Clevelanders to participate in the 2017 City of Cleveland Gun Buy-Back being held on Saturday October 21, 2017, beginning at 9:00 am at the Third District Headquarters, 4501 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. In exchange for operable handguns or semi-automatic weapons, citizens will be given either a gas or food gift card valued at $100 (handguns) or $200 (semi-automatic weapons).


Cleveland Police have partnered with the Cleveland Police Foundation, ArcelorMittal and Burt Saltzman owner of Dave’s Supermarkets to organize this year’s Gun Buy-Back.


“The annual Gun Buy Back has successfully taken hundreds of guns off Cleveland’s streets,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Events like this keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them. It is just one of the many things the City is doing to stop the decline, stabilize our neighborhoods, and make Cleveland safer for everyone.”


“The Gun Buy Back is an event which we look forward to participating in every year because this program saves lives,” said Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams. “We are fortunate to have the sponsorship provided by the Cleveland Police Foundation, ArcelorMittal, Dave’s Supermarkets, True North and Target. Without their backing, this would not be possible.”


“ArcelorMittal has been a longtime supporter of the Cleveland gun buy-back program. It aligns with the culture of health and safety we have within our facility, and we are pleased to partner with the community to promote safety in our neighborhoods. We will never know the lives that have been saved by the guns turned into this program, those weapons that thankfully never made their way into the wrong hands. But every time I see a headline about a child killed or injured in an accidental shooting, I know this program has the potential to save lives. We will melt down the weapons collected in the gun buy-back and recycle them into new steel, transforming them into consumer goods that improve the quality of all our lives,” said Mike Madar, Vice President & General Manager, ArcelorMittal Cleveland.


How to Participate:

  1. Bring a working handgun or semi-automatic rifle to the Third District Headquarters located at 4501 Chester Avenue on Saturday, October 21, 2017.
  2. The weapon must be unloaded, in a clear plastic bag, and inside a second container (gym bag, backpack, etc.).
  3. Transport the unloaded and properly bagged weapon locked in the trunk of your vehicle.
  4. Pack ammunition separately. Non semi-automatic rifles and shotguns can be turned in but NO incentive will be given for these weapons.
  5. A Cleveland Police Officer will inspect the weapon to ensure that it is operable.
  6. After the officer determines that the weapon is operable a $100 gift card will be given to

those who turn in a handgun and a $200 gift card to those who turn in a semi-automatic rifle.