Celebratory Gunfire and Fireworks Prohibited

CLEVELAND – As the Fourth of July approaches, the City of Cleveland wants to actively remind the public that not only is celebratory gunfire illegal, it is dangerous. The consequences and risks of celebratory gunfire can be significant and serious.

In any area, but especially in a densely populated urban area like Cleveland, the consequences of celebrating the Fourth of July or any other occasion with a gun can be devastating. The intention may be a celebratory shot toward the sky, but the consequences of that moment can be disastrous for a neighbor or someone blocks away.

With the cancellation of public fireworks displays, the City of Cleveland would also like to warn the public on the dangers of celebratory fireworks. From 2019 to 2020, the Division of Police has seen a drastic rise in calls for service regarding fireworks disturbing. Fireworks are not only illegal to possess and discharge without a permit, but they can also be hazardous and ignite a fire that could quickly get out of control.

Citizens are reminded to consider pet safety during the holiday weekend. Animals should never be left unattended in vehicles, especially during the warm weather. Temperatures inside of vehicles can rise very quickly and become fatal for animals left inside. In addition, please be aware that many pets experience high levels of anxiety with the increase in noise from fireworks. Ensure that pets are well observed and cared for during these times.

Safety forces will be on duty throughout the neighborhoods of the City of Cleveland on the Fourth of July. Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service personnel will be alert, patrolling and ready, but safety starts at home in your neighborhood.