New Police Chaplains sworn in today.

CLEVELAND- Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Director of Public Safety Karrie D. Howard and Police Chief Calvin D. Williams announce new Police Chaplain appointments to the Cleveland Division of Police. The appointments will fill the roles of vacant Police Chaplain positions.

Chaplain Rosa Colondres
Chaplain Rosa Colondres is a Pentecostal Minister and is currently serving as an Ordained Minister with the Iglesia Cristiana. Ms. Colondres is an Ordained Pastor for Juveniles and has a Bachelors in Biblical Theology. Ms. Colondres lives in the City of Cleveland and speaks Spanish fluently. Ms. Colondres hopes to help officers in crisis.

Chaplain Craig Donofrio
Chaplain Craig Donofrio is a Pastor at St. James Lutheran Church in Cleveland (Old Brooklyn Area) and has been an ordained Pastor for 22 years. Mr. Donofrio served as a Chaplain in New York for First Responders after the terrorist attacks of September 11th and since then has become fond of officers and Firefighters. Mr. Donofrio understands the traumas that officers face in their duties. He is eager to help officers and looks forward to being part of the team.

Chaplain Freddie Graves Jr.
Chaplain Freddie Graves the lead Pastor of The Rock Church. Mr. Graves received a Master of Arts Degree in Black Church Studies from Ashland Seminary. His extensive professional experience includes serving as Pastor and a Minister of Worship of various churches and organizations. Mr. Graves feels it is important that the Community understand that officers are there to help others and that they are human too. Mr. Graves is excited to be a Police Chaplain.

Chaplain Theodore Kavouras
Chaplain Theodore Kavouras is a Deacon at Christ Lutheran Church (Cleveland). Mr. Kavouras was elected Deacon in April of 2021. He has a Bachelor of Science from Indiana Wesleyan University. Mr. Kavouras’ father is currently a Police Chaplain and through his father he has learned of the troubles that First Responders face and wants to help officers through difficult times.

Chaplain Timothy Rosenberger Jr.
Mr. Rosenberger was unable to attend today’s ceremony and will be sworn in at a later time.
Chaplain Timothy Rosenberger Jr. is a Lutheran Pastor and the youngest applicant at 26 years of age. Rosenberger has a Master of Divinity Degree from United Lutheran Seminary. Mr. Rosenberger Jr. has a Doctor of Ministry from Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University and is the Lead Pastor at Sola Caritas Metropolitan Community Church. He currently lives and works in Ohio City. His Ministry was originally conceived for the LGTBQ Community but has grown to welcome others who may feel dislocated. He has always wanted to be a Chaplain for First Responders.

Chaplain Grady L. Stevenson Jr.
Chaplain Grady Stevenson is the City of Cleveland Executive Director of the Community Relations Board where he works to promote relations among Cleveland’s racial and cultural groups. He began his career with the City of Cleveland in 1989 serving as a meter reader and later a customer service representative with the Departments of Public Works and Public Utilities. He returned to the City in 2006 to work for the Department of Community Relations as a supervisor in the areas of community outreach and crisis intervention. Mr. Stevenson worked as a liaison from the city to local families victimized by violence, planned several community events to increase positive relationships between the police force and the public, and has connected several ethnic communities within Cleveland to local resources. He also serves as the Pastor of Damascus Road Ministries. Stevenson hopes to bridge the gap between the community and the police. Mr. Stevenson studied at the Northeast Ohio School of Ministry.