Contact Us

Emergencies 9-1-1
Non-Emergencies 216-621-1234
Division of Police Headquarters
Chief Wayne Drummond
1300 Ontario St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44112
P: 216-623-5000
F: 216-623-5584
Relay Service: 711
First District
3895 West 130th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44111
P: 216-623-5100
Community Services
P: 216-623-2503
Acting Commander Kevin Schwarz
P: 216-623-5105
Second District
3481 Fulton Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
P: 216-623-5200
Community Services
P: 216-623-5220
Commander Thomas Stacho
P: 216-623-5205
Third District
4501 Chester Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44103
P: 216-623-5300
Community Services
P: 216-623-5335
Commander Michael Butler
P: 216-623-5305
Fourth District
9333 Kinsman Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
P: 216-623-5400
Community Services
P: 216-623-5426
Commander Brandon Kutz
P: 216-623-5405
Fifth District
881 East 152nd St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
P: 216-623-5500
Community Services:
P: 216-623-5517
Commander Johnny Johnson
P: 216-623-5505
Additional Police Contacts including Missing Persons, Domestic Violence, Community Policing, etc.

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