Giving Back to the Community: Urban Goodness on Ansel

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July 16, 2014

Giving Back to the Community: Urban Goodness on Ansel.

Volunteers from CPD and Cleveland State Nursing students helped tend to a community garden on Ansel Road. CPD participants were Sgt. Dawson, Det. Adams, Det. Piecuch, P.O. Viancourt and P.O. Sanderson.

@ClePolice Police Body Camera Catches Officer’s Heroic Rescue of 2 Year Old Drowning Victim VIDEO

Police Body Camera Catches Officer’s Heroic Rescue of 2 Year Old Drowning Victim
WARNING: Sensitive Content

On June 17, 2014, Patrol Officer Ismael Quintana was on patrol when he heard a call for assistance regarding a child victim of a drowning. Officer Quintana arrived on scene in the driveway of a home in the 2600 Block of Wade Avenue where he saw a woman kneeling beside a small child who was not breathing. Officer Quintana learned that the child had climbed into a backyard pool and had been found underwater.

Officer Quintana immediately reacted and began giving chest compressions to the young boy, two year old Drances O’Connor, who lay lifeless on the ground. The boy’s aunt, Cynthia O’Connor, assisted and as water rushed out of the boy’s mouth and nose, he began to take shallow breaths. This whole incident was captured on Patrol Officer Quintana’s Taser body camera. The body cameras are being used by officers throughout the division; the program is still in a pilot phase.

The heroic efforts of officers are often overlooked, but in this case we can see first-hand the way Officer Quintana’s actions impacted the life of Drances and his family. So many stories go viral, we hope this one does, too!

Help @ClePolice Identify Aggravated Robbery Suspects (video)

The Cleveland Division of Police Fourth District Detective Bureau is currently investigating an Aggravated Robbery which occurred on June 17, 2014. The victim left Gyro George at 3965 Lee Road after purchasing food. As he returned to the parking lot, he was approached by a male with a gun and then a second suspect. The suspects took the victim’s wallet and keys and then fled the area.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects seen in this video is asked to contact the Fourth District Detective Bureau at 216-623-5418.

Fifth of July – Helpful Tips from @ClePolice

Fifth of July, 2014

Hi, Folks! As promised, we are following up our Fourth of July reminders with Fifth of July helpful tips! If you are reading this, you are not in jail so congratulations on that! Hopefully you enjoyed one of the many professional fireworks displays that went on yesterday and you are not reading this from a hospital bed, either. If you are, we wish you the best in your recovery and hope that next year you leave the fireworks to the professionals.

If you happened to obtain a citation for a traffic violation (other than OVI – for those you aren’t reading this due to jail and also, call a lawyer) or open container, please visit the Cleveland Municipal Court’s website at in order to find out about fines. If you saw a friend or family member go for a ride in one of our zone cars, you can call the Clerk’s Office at 216-664-4790 to get information about paying bonds. If your vehicle was towed contact the Vehicle Impound Unit at 216-623-5079.

Take care, stay safe and have a great weekend!