A Statement from Chief Wayne Drummond

The video footage of the officer involved incident that occurred in Memphis, Tennessee is shocking and stands contrary to the values of policing and human decency. The blatant disregard for life and cruelty displayed during this incident cannot be rationalized. 

Now more than ever, it is important for police officers to remember their promise, their sworn oath to protect those whom they serve and to reflect on their own personal reasons for choosing to do so. This incident is yet another reminder of the importance of our dedication to constitutional policing and the protection of our communities.

The Cleveland Division of Police will continue to work to maintain and to build trust within our communities. Our officers are committed to providing the highest level of service and are trained to adhere to the core values of professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence.


MISSING: Abdul Alanazi age 30. Abdul was reported missing on January 27, 2023 at approximately 10am. Abdul was reportedly out last evening in the downtown area with friends. He went with a group to the East 9thStreet pier at approximately 230am to look at the water and was reportedly intoxicated. When the group went to leave, Abdul reportedly walked away. Members of the group searched for Abdul and were unable to locate him. Abdul is visiting from Saudi Arabia and reportedly does not speak English. He was last seen wearing a beige jacket and pants. Anyone with information please call 9-1-1 or 216-621-1234.

MISSING: 20 year old Mozzetta Jackson, 20 and her son Russell Jackson age 4. Call 216-621-1234 with info.

Missing: Mozetta Jackson, age 20, and her 4yr old son Russell Jackson. Ms. Jackson left her mother’s house in the 1900 block of Green Road on Tuesday January 17, 2023 to go with a friend to Canton. Jackson told her mother she would be back Wednesday afternoon. She has not returned. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Mozetta and Russell Jackson is asked to contact police at 216-621-1234 or to call 9-1-1. Anonymous information can be provided by calling Crimestoppers at 216-25-CRIME.

Honoring the life of Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek, E.O.W. 12/31/21

Tonight, the West Park Police and Fire Memorial held a candlelight vigil honoring the life of Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek who was killed in the line of duty on December 31, 2021. Members of the Cleveland Division of Police were joined by members of the community to pay respect to our fallen hero.

Cleveland Police Officer Thomas Ross recounted this incredible story tonight. Words are taken from his original post:

“I’ve always believed that the spirits of the fallen walk the
sacred grounds of the National Law Enforcement Officers
Memorial. And I’ve never forgotten the lesson that old
timers taught me about patch and coin trading; kid, it’s
not about the thing, it’s about the story and relationship
behind it.

We were gathered around Shane’s name on the wall and
a group of four officers were sitting close by; very quiet
and somber looks on their faces. We struck up a
conversation, and I learned that their officer was the first
casualty of 2021; ours was the last.

Out of the thousands of officers gathered here this
week, how did a group from North Myrtle Beach, SC and
Cleveland, OH randomly meet at that spot to learn of our
colleague’s losses exactly 365 days apart?

It’s no coincidence. And we walked away taking a piece
of each other’s loss with us and something with which to
remember this encounter.”

Thank you, Officer Ross, for sharing this incredible story. Our hearts are with the Bartek family and Shane’s loved ones and friends tonight.

Photo Credit to Cleveland Police Officer Michael Viancourt

NYE Message Regarding Fireworks and Celebratory Gunfire πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸš«πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

As New Year’s Eve approaches, the City of Cleveland reminds the public that celebratory gunfire is very dangerous. The consequences and risks of celebratory gunfire can be significant and serious.

In any area, but especially in a densely populated urban area like Cleveland, the consequences of celebrating New Year’s Eve or any other occasion with a gun can be devastating. The intention may be a celebratory shot toward the sky, but the consequences of that moment can be disastrous for a neighbor or someone blocks away, causing injury or death.

The City of Cleveland would also like to warn the public on the dangers of celebratory fireworks. Despite the changes to State Law, fireworks are not only illegal to possess and discharge without a permit in the City of Cleveland (Ord. 387.03), but they can also be hazardous and ignite a fire that could quickly get out of control.

Safety forces will be on duty throughout the neighborhoods of the City of Cleveland on New Year’s Eve. Police, fire and emergency medical service personnel will be alert, patrolling and ready, but safety starts at home in your neighborhood.